Yoga and Soba

Hi! I cannot believe its already Wednesday night.. this week is FLYING by. My parents are coming into town on Friday for the weekend and to watch my race on Sunday, so I have a lot to do around the house before then. Tomorrow has to involve a lot of cleaning and organizing.

It’s really hot here in DC, it was in the mid 80s today! My building wasn’t going to turn the air on for a while, but they sent out notification that it was turned on today, luckily. It was so hot in here when I got home, so I turned the A/C way up and am just waiting for it to set in and cool down my apartment. 🙂

Afternoon snacks included a fuji apple:

and a sliced up orange

Missing one slice, apparently. My coworker came up to me later and said, “Did you drop this?” as she held up a segment that must have fallen out on my way back to my desk. Oops.

When I got home, it was way too hot outside to go for a run, so I decided to play around with ExerciseTV on Demand. I found a YogaWorks for Beginners program that was 45 minutes that I decided to try. I liked it a lot! It was a little slow at times, but I definitely felt like I was getting deep into stretches and working my muscles and balance. I think I need to embrace that I can still get a good workout even if I’m not running or doing cardio. I haven’t really gotten into flexibility and core training too much, so its new for me. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into it and trying more forms of yoga, and doing it at a yoga studio once I feel comfortable.

After the yoga was over, I decided to do Level 1 of the Shred. It was a bit easier than the last time (and I hope I’m less sore than I was after the last time) but it still kicked my butt. It felt good to get back to exercising, but I’m still coughing a bit and congested so I don’t want to push it. 🙁

After working out, I was hungry and wanted to eat quick! I have been craving soba noodles, but because of the heat I wasn’t really in the mood for a heavy, hot noodle dish, so I decided to do them cold. I took about 1/2 a container of Nasoya extra firm tofu and browned it in a pan with nonstick spray:

And set that aside to cool a bit once it was browned. I took the rest of a bag of frozen asian stir fry veggies that had broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and water chestnuts, and added a little frozen corn and frozen carrots. I microwaved the bowl for 1 minute, and then ran it under cold water to defrost the veggies:

I found this Thai peanut sauce in my fridge:

And decided to make that the main base for the sauce. I ran the soba noodles under cold water once they were done and then mixed them with the veggies and tofu. I added 1 tbsp of this peanut sauce, some rice vinegar, and some minced ginger and mixed it all together:

So good and so easy! The serving size for this sauce was 2 tbsp, but there was a lot of sodium in it, which is why I only used 1/2 a serving and some vinegar and ginger to give it more flavor. It was really tasty, but I definitely want to try making my own peanut sauce sometime soon (less sodium, more peanut-y!). But I really love meals that only take 10 minutes to throw together!

In other news, I stopped by a running store on my way home today and talked to the guy there about the pain in my knee. It’s not bad pain, but when I run, my left kneecap starts to hurt and lately its been hurting when I’ve walked down stairs (over the last few days). I showed him where the pain was, and he said it was tendinitis and that I should get a Patellar Tendon Strap, which is one of those black straps you wear under your knee cap. I wore it tonight while doing the Shred, and I felt a huge difference in the amount of pain I felt this time v. the last time. It’s not bad pain, its just uncomfortable, and I was afraid it was going to keep getting worse if I didn’t address it. I’m going to try running on it tomorrow and hoping there’s little to no pain in my knee.

I’m off to watch some TV and get to bed early. Have a good night!

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  1. midgetkeeper
    April 7, 2010 at 10:48 pm (10 years ago)

    I love the tendon strap, it really made a difference for me when I started using one. I hope it helps!


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