Moderation with Treats–Is It Possible?

Moderation is and always has been one of the things I struggle with the most in many areas of my life. Part of this as it pertains to healthy living is because of my inclination to classify foods as good or bad. In this month’s Attune Foods post, I make an argument that goes against popular opinion – that food really is good or bad – and how much I still struggle with having treats in my diet without going overboard.


Click over to read about when I started struggling with this mentality and where I am now with it.

I’d love it if you could weigh in over there on where YOU are with moderation in your diet and any tips or tricks you have.

9 Comments on Moderation with Treats–Is It Possible?

  1. Janice
    October 25, 2012 at 11:26 am (8 years ago)

    I have many foods that are trigger for a binge. Trouble is there not always the same ones. I have even had trigger foods that were not something that I was really crazy about but I craved it just the same. I feel like I will always struggle with this but I hope I can learn to cope with it and eventually get rid of the “last supper” mentality.

  2. Melanie_F
    October 26, 2012 at 1:50 pm (8 years ago)

    I have food that I do not keep in the house because I know I have no control around them. But, I do try to eat sweets in moderation, but it’s not always a success. I feel like I will always struggle with moderation and I am trying real hard to find ways to help myself, because I know this is for life.

    • Janice
      October 26, 2012 at 2:26 pm (8 years ago)

      I feel the same way Melanie! Moderation is extremely hard for me!! Sometimes I can succeed at it other times not. I also can’t keep some food in my house. It is just a trigger for a binge. Case in point, I went to stay with my sister last week and it was not pretty. She keeps everything in her house…candy, crackers, cookies, chips. Everything that I can’t eat in moderation. I ended up eating some of the things in her house but, I had a definite plan when the eating would stop. It worked for me this time. But really for me this is a journey – a long distance journey. Sometimes the scenery is pretty and sometimes it’s just not.

      • Melanie_F
        October 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm (8 years ago)

        I can so relate to what you go trough. When I go to my parent’s house, it’s awful, They keep cookings, cakes, candies, chocolate, you name the sweet, they have it! I end up eating way more sweets than I should when I visit them, It’s a journey, you said it very well!

  3. Melanie_F
    October 26, 2012 at 2:30 pm (8 years ago)

    I meant to say cookies, not cookings. LOL. Sorry, typo!

  4. Deb
    October 27, 2012 at 2:04 am (8 years ago)

    Unless its something I can feel okay with eating a lot of in one day, I don’t have it in my house. Period. I have no self control if its in front of me, so I eliminate the triggers as much as possible. Parties are a disaster waiting to happen every time. Tables of decadent foods just sitting there. O.o

    I try not to put a good or bad label on things, but I do have a scale of what’s better that I use in my head. I just try to make the best choice I can with what’s available, and if I mess up, I try to correct myself as soon as possible.

  5. Roz@weightingfor50
    October 29, 2012 at 1:08 pm (8 years ago)

    OOOP…hit submit WAY too soon. Meant to say ‘stay safe in the hurricane” and THEN add…I’m usually ok with moderation, but sharp cheese is my trigger food so I have to be really careful if it’s around.

  6. twoffs
    October 29, 2012 at 2:36 pm (8 years ago)

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but its my first time commenting. Do you think the problem could be partially associated with psychologically assigning the designation of “treat” to a food item? I know during my history with binge eating it was always the foods that once were off limits that caused me havoc! (PS: I’m also a newbie DC blogger saying hi!)


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