Gloomy Monday Morning

Today is a rainy, gloomy day here in DC, which I guess is making me feel a little bit better about being stuck in an office. This morning I woke up feeling really good and well rested… I think sleeping in both mornings this weekend really left me refreshed! I had such a nice weekend enjoying the gorgeous weather outside so it’s always a little depressing when it comes to an end..

I started off today with a MEDIUM coffee, first try at this size so we’ll see how it goes.

On the metro ride in, I was reading Women’s Health Magazine (one of the few magazines I have subscriptions to… if you haven’t read this one, you should. It’s really informative and has a ton of great food and workout ideas, but its also filled with tons of other interested info, weight loss success stories, cool articles, etc.) There was a Q&A in the “The Doctor is In” section that grabbed my attention.

Q: If I don’t have my morning coffee before 9am, I get a pounding headache. Why?

A: You’re most likely hooked on the caffeine and experience withdrawal. Typically, the throbbing kicks in about 12 to 14 hours after you’ve had your last cup, so if you guzzle after-dinner java, you’ll be feeling the pain the next morning. This also explains why some people get early-evening headaches. Recent studies suggest that a moderate amount of daily caffeine (up to three small coffees, or 400 milligrams a day) can have a positive effect on your overall health – for example, reducing the risks for diabetes, Parkinson’s, and liver disease. But too much of the stimulant can bring on nasty headaches, as well as long-term insomnia and increased heart rate.

I thought that was really interesting, and made me feel a bit less bad about my caffeine addiction. I am happy to report that I haven’t had a headache since last weekend even though I have ranged from having one mug of coffee at home up to a venti Americano from Starbucks throughout the week. I think the headaches were a combination of getting over a headcold plus the caffeine withdrawal, but I’m just feeling less bad about my habit.

For breakfast, I had some cut up strawberries

and an Oikos Honey Greek Yogurt.

Oikos is definitely one of my favorite Greek yogurts. This is made by Stonyfield Organic, which has a reputation for making delicious organic There is honey on the bottom of this kind and it’s so thicky and creamy. The ingredient list is organic milk, organic honey, organic sugar, pectin, and organic carbob bean gum. I love short ingredient lists, especially when flavor isn’t sacrificed, and this stuff is SO good.

Tomorrow I will be running my very first blog giveaway from Oikos, so stay tuned!

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  1. Kristen
    March 22, 2010 at 7:04 am (11 years ago)

    It’s gloomy here too :(. I live near Ocean City, MD. gross, gross, gross. I wanted to do C25K W3D2 but I can’t make myself do it in the misty rain. it just makes me sad.

    Excited for the giveaway tomorrow!


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