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Attune Foods: Back to the Basics

As you know by now, I am struggling to get back to my goal weight. Click over to the Attune Foods Blog to read about some of the reasons I think I gained back the weight, and what I am doing to stop this in its tracks to get back to a healthy weight.

I do not want to get back here.


or here


But I do want to get back here:

Time to get back to the basics!

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Attune Foods: Rethinking Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast never used to be my thing. I remember back when I was really struggling with wanting to lose weight but not yet successful in my efforts, I would always do everything in my power to avoid eating breakfast since I thought I was saving more calories for later in the day. I also tended to eat too much at night, so I would “punish” myself for overdoing it the night before by waiting to eat later in the day.


Obviously, that backfired, and led to a terrible cycle of restrict-overdo it-restrict-overdo.

Click over to my post post on the Attune Foods Blog where I talk about how I stopped compartmentalizing meals into what I “should” eat at any given time of day and how that helped me break free from the cycle.

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Attune Foods: Cooking with Real Ingredients

Did you know that I barely dabbled in the kitchen pre-Weight Watchers? It’s funny because people come to my blog a lot just for the recipes (which I’ve got to get back on!), but the truth is I’ve really only been experimenting in the kitchen for a relatively short amount of time.

Click on the Zucchini Burger below to read all about how I figured my way around the kitchen!

It will take you over to the Attune Foods Blog so you can find out about how I transitioned from going into the kitchen only to grab seconds or chips, to learning to cook with ease and confidence!

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Simple in Theory

In today’s Weight Loss Wednesday post over at the Attune Foods Blog, I discuss why, though the concept itself is quite simple, it’s so difficult for me to lose weight. Even though I have done it before and am in the process of doing it yet again, it’s never quite as simple to execute as it is in theory.

with my niece claire

Click on the pre-weight loss photo above or the goal weight photo below for a peek at the main reasons standing in the way of me getting back to my goal weight.

Beth Klein Washingtonian

These photos are solid visual reminders of where I do and don’t want to get back to.

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Finding the Motivation to Change

Sooo many people ask me where I found the motivation to change my life. I’d say it’s probably the most common thing that anyone wants to know when they find out how much weight I’ve lost or how I haven’t always been a runner and now have three (soon to be four!) half marathons under my belt.

To find out where I found the motivation, click on the “after” part of the picture below!


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Real Food Leads to Real Change

As part of being an ambassador for Attune Foods, I’ll be writing one blog post a month in the “Weight Loss Wednesdays” column on the Attune Foods Blog.


The theme for January is Real Change, so click over to the blog to read about how I transitioned from mostly processed foods to whole foods and how this led to real change for me. I’ll be checking frequently and responding to comments as they come in over on the Attune Foods Blog, so please chime in over there!

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