Getting Settled

Hello! I am glad to say I finally made it to OKC and had a nice little evening exploring. If you saw me on Twitter, I got delayed by about an hour in Atlanta, but we made up for some of the time in air. It was actually semi amusing because the Delta guy came over the loudspeaker and kept delaying us every 5 minutes and then reported the reason for our delay was because the crew hadn’t showed up yet! I had never heard that excuse before…

But I made it and when all was said and done I arrived around 4pm OKC time (5pm my time) and was happy to be out of a plane and on solid ground!

I got to my hotel around 4:30 and had to make sure everything arrived for the course tomorrow (which it hasn’t!) but decided to just deal with that in the morning. I was getting super hungry by the time I was done with that because it was after 6pm my time and I had eaten pretty light during the day. I ended up finding a cute little to-go sandwich shop in Atlanta and getting a grilled veggie sandwich which had green peppers, mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

It was actually really good (the picture does it no justice) and I got it with mixed greens instead of fries. I also ate my baby carrots + cucumber slices while waiting for the plane, had a pack of pretzels (45 calories or 1 pt) on the plane courtesy of Delta, and then ate my apple while waiting for the shuttle to come get me at the airport.

I almost talked myself out of going to the gym, but decided to just go and do a quick workout since I’ve taken several days off from working out this week. I kind of forgot how boring the treadmill can be since I have been running outside so much, so here is what I did

0-5 mins: Walk 4.0 mph at 1.0 incline

5-15 mins: Run 5.5-6.5mph

15-25 mins: Walk at 3.8-4.0 at a 10.0 incline

25-35 mins: Run 5.5 – 6.5mph

35-40 mins: Walk 4.0 mph

I ended up doing 3.26 miles and burned 457 calories according to the treadmill but I know that count is way off. Still, I was pretty sweaty and it felt good! I ran up to my hotel room to quickly shower and change before heading out to food. The hotel is super nice and has a lot of cool amenities (on top of the nice fitness center) including a pool, a hot tub, a bunch of restaurants, and a dessert cafe where I am currently blogging from. Check out my room:

After a quick shower and changing, I ran out to find food! I walked all around Brickdown, a really cute area in downtown OKC. There are tons of restaurants and bars and I’ve heard its “the place to be” if you’re in OKC. I was in the mood for Sushi, and went in search of a sushi bar called In The Raw based on a recommendation from the hotel. It was pretty good, but I think I’m a little bit of a sushi snob. Well, I know that. ­čÖé I was pretty ravenous by the time I got there so I ordered a Miso Soup before I even sat down.

Then I perused the menu and decided to order a few rolls and the sunomono. My first clue that this might not be the best sushi I ever had was there was a white guy making it. I don’t mean to sound prejudice, but its almost never a good sign when there’s white people behind the sushi bar! It just wasn’t THAT authentic, and one of the guys behind the counter kept asking the other guy what was in the rolls I ordered, which made me a little skeptical. In the end, I ordered a Rock N Roll (Avocado + Cucumber with Eel on top), a spicy scallop roll (new to me!), and a salmon skin roll.

It was pretty good, but I definitely left 1-2 pieces of each roll, and that is unheard of for me. It definitely felt good to be eating so I chowed down, but if you’re really into good sushi, I don’t think this place is worth going out of your way. I also ordered the Sunomono salad, which is basically fish (octopus, crab, and shrimp in their version) with a rice vinegar sauce over it. Mine mostly just had soy sauce over it, I didn’t taste the vinegar at all. Usually the dressing is sooo good you want to lick the bowl clean. Not so this time.

I only had iced tea and water with dinner, and drank a TON of water today. That was good for my June goals, but not so much for having to get up to go to the bathroom on the plane since I was never in the aisle seat. Oops.

After I got done with dinner I spotted a serve your own Frozen Yogurt place but was too full to stop. I will definitely be going there at some point during my stay, maybe even tomorrow. I did come back to the hotel and come to Caffeina’s, a coffee and dessert bar that has free wifi, because┬áunfortunately┬áthere’s none in the rooms! I’m going to try to keep on my normal blogging schedule as much as possible during this trip, but its going to be a little difficult. I ended up getting a fruit cup for dessert to eat while I sit here:

I am about to go back to my room and unpack a bit and watch some TV. I have a really early day tomorrow because I have to be there at 6:30am, so am going to try to make it an early night!

PS: It does NOT feel like a Wednesday.