Two for One

Sunday night dinner ended up being just as fabulous as I predicted. 🙂 We started off with a nice spread for appetizers because we didn’t eat anything since breakfast! Our platter had two types of hummus, scallion and roasted red pepper, plus goat cheese, cucumbers (fresh from our farm share!) and flatbreads:

We polished everything except a little bit of the goat cheese and some of the hummus. We had gone to Whole Foods during the day and I did some shopping for lunch and other random things I needed and Wil went in search of dinner. I love that he loves to cook because it makes my Sunday nights a lot easier and more delicious.

He found sockeye salmon, which is wild salmon that actually swims upstream, so its less fatty than Atlantic Salmon and really flavorful. He did a dry rub on the salmon with some different spices, which is a great way to get tons of flavor into anything you cook without having to think ahead and marinate it. Basically, you mix together the spices that you want to use, and you literally rub them onto your fish, chicken, steak, etc, and then when you cook it, the spices form a crust on the protein and lock in all the flavor. I requested no oil in the meal since I had been eating heavier than normal during my time in Minneapolis, so he just baked the fish, and it turned out incredible.

He served the salmon over a succotash with potatoes, yellow tomatoes, red onions, okra, and corn which he cooked in veggie stock. He also made a little peach chutney at the last minute because the spice mix was.. pretty spicy, so he wanted something sweet to help offset it. He just used a fresh peach from our farm share and some vinegar and sauteed it together until the peaches were soft.

It was incredible! I guess just because the veggies were all fresh and organic, but this succotash was to die for. He only used veggie stock to cook it, so it was super healthy, but very flavorful. And the salmon was also very flavorful and perfectly cooked so that it felt apart while I was eating it and basically melted in my mouth. So, so good.

Breakfast today was simple and quick.

A Siggi’s Blueberry (2 pts), a small banana (1.5 pts), and a small peach (.5 pts). I ended up mixing some Fiber One (0 pts) into the yogurt while I was eating it, but unfortunately the Siggi’s blueberry is just not my favorite. It’s a little tart and maybe just not sweet enough for me. I’ve heard good things about their Vanilla flavor, but have yet to try it/find it in the stores. I think I’ll be sticking with Greek yogurt going forward because that’s much more up my alley. The good thing about Siggi’s is it packs a ton of protein – 16g in that little container! This breakfast, though simple, kept me full for hours.

I only ate about 1/2 the salmon on my plate from last night because I had filled up on the hummus and goat cheese, and the piece of salmon was pretty huge.  It worked out great though because I just flaked the leftover salmon and mixed it into leftover succotash for lunch today. I ate it cold so it was sort of like a pasta salad and it was SO good.

There was about 1 cup of succotash (2 pts) and 3.5 oz of salmon (5 pts). I had a side of organic grapes (1pt) which were on sale at Whole Foods.

I love using leftovers to make lunch the next day so you get two meals out of one evening of cooking. There is still a ton of succotash leftover so I have to figure out some other ways to use it up – I’m thinking mixed into eggs, or just straight up because the flavors are so delicious.

In other news, my farm share this week had 4 heads of cabbage!!! I haven’t even begun to use it but I need to think of some different ways to use it so I don’t let it go bad. What is your favorite way to enjoy cabbage? Do you have any recipes I should try? Feel free to link to your recipe in the comments section!!

Chillin’ and Grillin’

What an amazing day I’ve had today! Nothing terribly exciting, I just feel like I did a lot to take advantage of my day off and enjoyed the outdoors. The best part though is that I have tomorrow off, too! 🙂

I went on a nice run today. I wasn’t sure exactly how far I was going to go when I set out, but once I started I decided 5 miles. I always run half the distance then just turn around on the trail because I don’t have any loops mapped out around my house yet. I actually like that because I can adjust my distance by just turning around later or sooner, I’m not tied to the distance I set out with. I was feeling so good that I decided to up my run to 6 miles midway through. I was feeling really good until about the turnaround point (3 miles) and then I realized how thirsty I was! It was mid 70s and a lot of the trail was in the sun, and as I was running I was thinking about the really limited water I had to drink today. I normally drink water all day long so I don’t need it when I’m actually running, but today I’d only had one glass with brunch. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make the whole run because I was so parched, and I told myself I could stop when I wanted to since I was so parched, but then I realized if I stopped it was just going to take me longer to get to water! I ended up running the whole 6 miles, and then literally ran down the hall into the elevator and chugged 3 large glasses of water immediately.

Today’s stats:

Distance: 6.0 miles

Duration: 58:49

Avg. Pace: 9:48 min/mile

Avg. Speed: 6.1 mph

Calories Burned: 702

The miles broke down like this: 9:45, 9:40, 9:41, 9:42, 9:57, 10.01. You could tell I was getting thirsty towards the end and slowing myself down so I could make it all the way home.

After my run and then rehydrating, we got ready to grill! My apartment building has 2 community grills that are open year round for the residents to use. We’ve never used them before and were a little nervous since it was the first time using the grill. We live on the 10th floor so had to make sure we brought everything down with us, could work the grill, etc etc. But it went really well! For supplies, we brought down a platter and a tray for the finished food, a spray bottle of olive oil, salt, pepper and tongs. And of course, the food for grillin’. Here were the veggies:

2 veggie skewers (which we bought prepped from the grocery store because it was actually cheaper than buying the individual veggies and obviously easier!), 4 ears of sweet corn, and 5 green onion bases. And the meat:

Free range steak for Wil and salmon for me. We marinated them both in a bottle of marinade we picked up on vacation in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and it was sweet pepper mango flavor. SO delicious. Here’s the grill:

Another resident was using the grill next to ours, so he sort of showed us the ropes with turning on the gas and helped us get going. Then, Wil took over, and we just used the olive oil spray, salt, and pepper on all the veggies. The food went from how you saw it up there, to this:

It turned out perfectly! Wil also made a salad with the radishes from the farmer’s market today, a cucumber from the farmer’s market last week, and some green onions. He put a touch of olive oil and white vinegar, and it was SO freshing next to all the grilled food.

Here’s my loaded plate:

Overflowing with grilled deliciousness. The salmon was perfect – still pink in the middle and really succulent! I had a whole skewer of the veggies plus two green onions, and an ear of corn. Everything was incredible, but the corn stood out above the rest. Wil even said (and I’ve never heard him say anything even remotely along these lines because hes a carnivore) “I would rather have 4 ears of this corn and no beef!” It was that good. I had another ear of corn plus some of the radish salad once I demolished this plate. So, so good. I’d never had grilled green onions before, and they are so tasty with a char! I highly recommend it because they’re super cheap too – even at the Farmer’s Market.

To go with the dinner, we also split a bottle of wine.

Notice the vineyard on here? Klein wines! My dad makes and bottles wine for a hobby and this was his Sauvignon Blanc. It’s actually really good and went really well with our meal. This past Christmas my family did “Make Your Own” gifts, so we all made things for each other, and my dad gave Wil and I each 3 bottles of wine that he made – 2 sauvignon blanc, 2 Zinfandel, and 2 Malbec. The Malbec will be ready to taste next month, so I’m looking forward to trying that because I love Malbec too. Isn’t that so cute that my dad makes it!? I love seeing my own last name on a bottle! 🙂

I also realize I don’t think I’ve ever showed you a picture of Wil before, so here’s a picture of us on vacation from our trip in March to Puerto Rico.

We have a really fun day trip planned for tomorrow and are going to try to get on the road pretty early, so you might not hear from me until the afternoon when we’re back from the trip because I might not have time to come on and blog breakfast, but I cannot wait for our adventure!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! 🙂

Hanging in Hampton

Whew! What a day. We left around 1pm to make the should be three-hour drive, but got caught in a TON of traffic. We ended up getting to my boyfriend’s mom house around 4:45, but it felt like so much longer because traffic was so bad and frustrating! Luckily I had a few snacks in the car to ward off the crankiness that otherwise would have definitely hit hard… 😉

A banana

And a 100 calorie pack of Almonds and Walnuts. I also grabbed some dried fruit when we were getting gas with figs, pineapple, mango and papaya and ate about 1/2 the bag. No picture though!

We hung out for a while at the house and then drove around this new section of town and found a cute Italian restaurant called Bensi. It was only 11 days old but seems like a welcome addition to the town (they are really in need of some nice restaurants!). We talked with one of the partners, and they have 20 locations in NJ and this is their first location in VA, but our meal was excellent – especially for an 11 day old restaurant!

They served this to start, which had peppers stuffed with bread crumbs, olive oil, and cheese in the far left, olive oil with salt and pepper in the middle, and sliced cheese to the right. They also served a bread basket, and a bowl of salad family style.

Here was my first plate:

I may have gone back for another serving of salad and bread… or two 😉 But overall this was a great first course. I love it a.) when things are free, b.) things are served family style, and c.) when its delicious! The salad was bottomless so we got another bowl to split between the four of us and it was really fresh and good. For my main course, I went with the grilled salmon.

It came with broccoli and potato of the day (which was smashed potatoes with bacon and cheese and cream) but I asked to sub a baked potato and they did that no problem.  I also asked for extra mango salsa which came with the salmon as it was, and poured one of those two containers over the potato. Mango salsa is one of my favorites, and this one was really fresh and went great with the potato and over the salmon. I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the side from Chile

Overall a really good meal. We usually cook when we visit with his mom, but they like meat and I don’t like to be too high maintenance so with my new fish-only policy, so I was a little nervous. Luckily, my boyfriend suggested we go out to dinner, so it was easy for me to get what I wanted and not have to seem picky. We’re now drinking a few beers at the hotel (Miller Lite for me) and taking it easy. I checked out the hotel gym and it is REALLY nice, so I’m thinking about paying a visit tomorrow. I don’t want to do anything too crazy because of my 10 miler tomorrow, but maybe do the elliptical for a little and some weights… but we shall see.

(PS: notice two darkish spots on my collar-bone?? I got really bad chaffing from the run today and those two spots are RAW. I had a zip up hoodie on during the run that I unzipped a bit once I warmed up, and I think the zipper must have really irritated my skin. It hurts!! But, that’s the worst of my post run injuries, so I can’t really complain…)

Yay for having internet at the hotel.. didn’t think I’d be able to update tonight! Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday, and I’ll check in tomorrow!