Whipped Oats

So, back to normal, for now. 😉

I woke up early this morning to go for a run since I hadn’t worked out since Saturday. To be honest, I was kind of dreading the run before I went (mostly because I was awake before 7am, but partly because I hadn’t run in a week and I thought it was going to be hard!). It ended up turning out really well! Because of my dead computer, I couldn’t plug in my Garmin for the breakdown of stats, but I found this cool running calculator that can help you calculate pace or speed to figure it out.

Duration: 38:59

Distance: 4.00 mph

Avg. Speed: 6.16mph

Avg. Pace: 9:44 min/mi

Overall, a great run! The weather was perfect, a lot cooler than it has been for the last week or more. I think it was around 70 degrees and a little breezy. Amazing.

After I got back from my run, I was HUNGRY. Yesterday I saw this technique for Blended Grains, where you make your oatmeal like normal (or any other grain you want) then you blend it up. You can use a blender, food processor, or handmixer, and it basically gets really fluffy and turns into whipped oatmeal. I was thinking about it during my run, so figured why not give it a shot! It’s kind of hard to gauge the consistency of it from this picture, but it was really creamy and delicious.

I topped it off with some cherry craisins

And it was goooooood. For this bowl, I used:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (2 pts)
  • 1 cup water (0 pts)
  • 2 tbsp egg whites (0 pts)
  • ~2 tbsp cherry craisins (1 pt)

I added the egg whites to give it a little protein and I couldn’t even taste that they were in there. I will definitely be blending up my oats or some other grains again – I loved the texture of these! I had a pretty huge Pink Lady Apple (1 pt) for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch was half successful, half not-so-much. Bad news first. I had some arugula in my CSA from last week that I wanted to use up (since I get a new box tomorrow) but it has so many tiny holes in it! I looked it up and found out that the holes are from flea beetles and I guess it’s common for them to eat arugula that is organic. That said, I rinsed the arugula really really well, but it was grossing me out as I was eating it.

I ended up picking the feta and blueberries off the salad and throwing most of the arugula out. 🙁

The successful part of lunch was pizza! I picked up these flatbreads at Trader Joe’s:

I heated up some spinach in the microwave and dried it off really well with a paper towel. I added some pizza sauce, the spinach, and some reduced fat mozzarella cheese to the flatbread and threw it in the toaster oven. The end result was this:

So good!! The point breakdown for lunch is:

  • Arugula (0 pts)
  • RF Feta (1 pt)
  • 1 cup blueberries (1 pt)
  • Flatbread (3 pts)
  • Pizza Sauce (0 pts)
  • Spinach (0 pts)
  • RF Mozzarella (1 pt)

So 6 total, which is not bad at all.

What are some of your favorite things to healthify? I love making pizza at home because it’s one of my favorites! Regular pizza can have so much fat/calories/points (which I still eat a bit too much), but making a healthy version at home is pretty easy and delicious. I also like to make my own fries at home, another one of my favorite unhealthy things that can actually be really good for you if you make it in your own kitchen.

Back At It

Whew. I am SO glad that is over with! I have been putting off going back to weigh in at Weight Watchers because I knew I was up a few pounds and haven’t really been counting points in ages. But today, I sucked it up and went and I am so happy I did. I’m not thrilled with the weight itself, because I gained 3 pounds since the last time I was there, I’m just happy that I went and can start fresh. So, officially now, I have 9 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight, which is very do-able if I just make a few tweaks to my diet and keep up with exercising frequently.

The way that I generally do WW which has worked for me in the past, is I pick one “free” night where I don’t really count points, and then just assume I’ve used all of my weekly points. Then I try to stay at my daily target every other day or else use Activity Points that I’ve earned if I need extra points. My free night is actually going to be tonight since I have the happy hour, and that should give me plenty of time to make up for any set back I have tonight so that I have a good weigh in next Thursday.

So, here is my plan:

  1. Back to Weekly Meetings – Every Thursday at 12pm because it’s over lunch and works well with my schedule. There is a Wednesday 12pm meeting as well in case I have a conflict on Thursdays.
  2. Keep up with the Water – Though WW calls for 6 cups a day, my body is happier when I have 8+ cups a day. This was one of my June Goals which helped me get back into drinking a lot of water, so the plan is to just keep up with my water consumption.
  3. Exercise Consistently – My goal is to work out 4-5x a week, with 1-2 days of running, 1-2 days of Bikram, biking, and some strength training.
  4. Count WW Points – Another one of my June Goals which I have been relatively consistent about, but I plan to try to count as much as possible until I am at my goal weight. This will be a little bit of a challenge because when I first started WW and was good about counting points, I was eating a LOT of processed foods, which are easier to count points of because the nutritional info is right on the package. Now that I largely eat whole and unprocessed foods, it will be a bit more of a challenge to count points, but I will try my best and estimate when necessary.
  5. Keep a Mostly Whole Foods Diet – Going along with the last bullet, I don’t want to revert back to a lot of processed foods like I was eating when I first started WW, so I want to keep eating a lot of the same things, just a little less of it, and treats in moderation.

So that’s it! Seems very simple and straight forward, but as everyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows, its a lot easier to say than to do. Please stay tuned and check in with me and make sure I’m sticking with it so that I can get to my goal weight and look and feel my best for my best friend’s wedding!  On the bridesmaid dress note, I ordered a size 10 which is a bit too snug, and my friend Jess got a 12 which is a bit too big, so we’re actually going to do a test tomorrow and possibly switch dresses. While I still want to fit in the 10 by the wedding, I do not think I need the pressure of the dress possibly NOT fitting, so I’m hoping the switch works out.


Lunch today was a treat to myself for going back to WW. I went to the Juice Joint, my favorite quick spot for a healthy lunch in DC. I got a small side salad to go (no dressing)

Which had organic greens, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers (0 pts).

I also got my favorite sandwich from there, the Fresh Mozzarella & Roasted Veggie Sandwich. It has roasted zucchini, squash, red peppers, sprouts, tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella on multigrain bread. It comes with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, too, but in an effort to be a little light, I asked for it without the dressing. Check out how packed with deliciousness this sandwich is!

And you know what? I didn’t even miss the balsamic! I probably will order this sandwich just like this going forward, even after I’m at goal. The veggies and cheese add so much flavor that you don’t even need it. I’m counting this sandwich as 7 points (just a guess), by breaking down the bread as 4 points and the mozz as 3. I’m guessing that’s a little high because there wasn’t much mozz and the bread was pretty thin, but the veggies may have been cooked in a little EVOO so 7 sounds safe. That means 11 total for today with breakfast, which is not bad at all.

Have you struggled with your weight before? What are the key changes you made to your diet/exercise routine that have helped you along the way? For me, drinking a lot of water, eating tons of fruits and veggies, and exercising at all (because I didn’t used to!) were the biggest changes that helped me to lose most of my weight.

Pizza Night

Today has been such a fun day but I am so sad it’s already almost 10pm and tomorrow is Monday aka back to work! I am sooooo sore from my back-to-back workouts yesterday and don’t worry, I definitely take the whole day off and ate enough to make up for all the calories burned yesterday. 😛

My boyfriend had off too, so Wil and I did a little shopping and got some new plants for the balcony which was fun. Grocery shopping, Target, Crate and Barrel outlet (!!!) and a few others. We went to lunch at a Thai restaurant but I forgot my camera so couldn’t take any pics! I had a shrimp appetizer that was 3 shrimp each wrapped in a wonton wrapper and fried, which was served with sweet and sour sauce. It was SO good, perfect mix of crunchy from the wrapper, sweet from the sauce, and soft from the shrimp. For my main course I had the spicy eggplant dish which was awesome. It had tofu, eggplant, red and green peppers, onions, and a few other veggies. It was in a light garlicky brown sauce with basil and was so flavorful and delish. I had some leftovers but I don’t know what happened to them. I may have left them at the restaurant. Sad!

Then dinner was awesome. We ended up making pizzas at home, and my boyfriend whipped up the dough from scratch.

We spread out the crusts and had more cheese than necessary.

Mozzarella, Basil, Provolone, Romano, Parmesan, Ricotta, and Crushed Organic Tomatoes. Here is the 5 cheese pizza with torn basil ready to go in the oven.

And all done baking:

We had a salad with arugula, radishes, turnips, and a citrus vinaigrette, which was delicious, but the pizza was definitely the star!

We ate out on the balcony because the weather was perfect for it, and I had a hefeweizen with a slice of orange alongside my pizza and salad.

The pizza was incredible. I can’t even remember the last time we made pizza at home and its so much fun to pick your toppings and have it exactly how you want. So, so good and perfect for tonight.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. What was the highlight?

Those Are Not Marshmallows on My Salad

Work is insane, so I’m going to make this quick so I can get back to it! The protein powder made a big difference in the full-factor from this morning’s Overnight Oats. Usually I’m hungry again around 11:30 and wait until at least 12 for lunch or have a snack to hold me over, but today I looked at the clock and it was 1pm and I was just getting hungry! I know this seems silly, but I never thought protein powder would “work” for me. I like to eat (obviously) and I just assumed adding the powder wouldn’t really make a difference and I’d be hungry again just as quickly. I’m glad to know I was wrong and that I’m not immune to protein powder like I thought. 🙂

Lunch today was delicious and such a breeze to throw together. Today was a big salad with delicious toppings and lots of sides to go with it.

This bowl had:

  • Baby Spinach
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas (canned)
  • mini mozzarella cheese balls
  • 1 roasted red pepper, sliced

The best part about this salad was the toppings outnumbered the greens, so as I got closer to the bottom of the salad there was still a bunch of chickpeas, mozz, and roasted peppers, but not much spinach.

With the salad, I had some baby carrots

And an overly toasted Bagel Thin, 2 small tomatoes eaten apple style like yesterday, and 3 pickles.

Together it was a delicious, satisfying lunch!

And quite colorful. 🙂 I have another flavor of Siggi’s to try with Weetabix and two kiwis for an afternoon snack. I’m excited to try the other flavor of Siggi’s – Orange and Ginger! And, I am finally down to 1 kiwi remaining from the huge container I bought at Costco the weekend before last. It’s a good thing, too, because some of them are starting to get a little on the soft side.

What are some of your favorite things to stock up on at Costco or other wholesale stores? Of all the purchases I made there, I’d have to say that the 6 pound bag of frozen fruit is probably my favorite. It’s holding up so well and there are peaches, pineapple, honeydew melon, and strawberries in it. It makes for a great snack if I want something sweet to munch on, and is great for smoothies, too! I also am loving the huge container of almond butter and Fage 0% that I got from there.

I’ll be back!