Morningstar Farms


Hiya! Good news (for me) is that the Breakfast Cookie kept me full for over 3 hours! ūüôā I’m so excited about that because now it can be a new staple breakfast for me and its so fun to think of different mix-in combos. I’ve always been a little scared of powders of any sort and today was the first day I’ve ever tried any (besides if they put it in a smoothie that I ordered). I think it really makes a difference in making the meal stick to your ribs. 1/2 a scoop of the kind I bought only has 40 calories, but has 8 grams of protein. I think I’ll start adding some to my Green Monsters and possibly to my oatmeal… we’ll see!

One more change I want to make to my diet is that I tend to eat a lot of snacks in the afternoon which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been reading my blog for a while. I typically have breakfast around 9, lunch around 12:30/1, then 2 or so light snacks around 3 or 4, and then another snack when I get home. I love snacking obviously, but I decided I’m going to try to change it up a bit. My goal is to have a bit more of a substantial snack in the afternoon around 3 or 4 and see if that tides me over so that I don’t have a snack as soon as I get home, too. Today I brought a yogurt with fruit and a weetabix biscuit for an afternoon snack which should pack more of a punch that my normal snacks do, so this will be one experiment for today.

Lunch was awesome today! The star was my very last MorningStar Farms Turk’y Griller.¬†These are definitely my favorite veggie burgers of the ones I’ve tried so far.

I had it on a thomas bagel thin with a wedge of laughing cow cheese, spinach, and red onions. I had the red onions raw but sliced them a little thick to eat raw, so I decided to experiment yet again and put them in the microwave. I added a little bit of water to the bottom of the plate and then put them in the microwave for about a minute. They got soft and tasted sweet like they were sauteed. Definitely a trick I’ll use again!

On the side, I had baby carrots:

Some pickles:

And a little tomato:

I was originally going to slice up the tomato to put on my sandwich, but decided it wasn’t necessary so I just ate it like an apple.

Mmm! I’ll be back tonight and let you know how my larger-snack-in-the-afternoon-experiment goes.

Happy Tuesday!

Smells like Shamu!

Today is a gorgeous day outside, so Emily and I decided to go for a walk before lunch to soak it in. I work right near the White House so we have this loop we like to do and there are always so many tourists. For some reason, it always cracks me up when I see people on Segways:

Though I guess its a good way to explore a new city (but walking would be better!). And it’s really spring time in DC.. flowers are starting to bloom! So exciting.

And here Emily and I are enjoying our quick walk outside:

Do you notice how my collar bone wounds look even worse!? It seriously looks like I got attacked by a vampire or something of that nature. Last night when my boyfriend got home, he goes “Wow! Those look so bad!” before “Hi” or anything… thanks chef! ūüėČ

Now onto my eats, but a little story first.¬†Several months ago, I brought leftover shrimp in for lunch and heated it up in the office kitchen. I was really self-conscious about it smelling like fish, so I asked a few people if it smelled while still in the kitchen. They said no (probably¬†just to be nice), so I came back to my cube and before I could even sit down, not one, but TWO people said, “OMG! What is that smell!?” And someone else, “EW! It smells like Shamu!” (I, too, laughed a little at the second comment). So, embarrassed, I darted back to the conference room and ate my lunch in there with my head hung low (not really). That was the first and last time I’ve ever brought fish in for lunch.

So, sad part here is, when I make fish for dinner, I can’t bring leftovers in for lunch the next day so it messes me up (aka the mussels from last night). I pulled out some of the leeks before adding the mussels last night and set them aside for lunch today, but then had to figure something else out for the main event. I went with another one of those Turk’y California Grillers by Morningstar Farms.

I toasted an arnold thin, spread on a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (1/2 on each side), and put it on top of a huge bed of sprouts. I also cut up an orange on the side.

And had some leftover leeks from last night:

‘Twas a very satisfying lunch, and much more balanced colors than yesterday, no?

The laughing cow cheese worked really well on this sandwich, definitely better than the soy cheese earlier in the week. The flavor just made the griller pop. And these oranges I got at Whole Foods and so juicy and delicious. Yum!

Do you have things you will eat at home but not at the office? For me, its fish that needs to be heated, but I’ve had canned salmon or tuna before no problem. I also won’t make butter popcorn in the office because I think it smells so much (in an amazing way) and every time someone else makes it, I want it, so I figure it’s not really¬†fair for me to do it. But I looove fish and popcorn at home (though not usually together)!

Check ya later!