Sadly, my day off is over! It always seems to fly by before you know it! Even though the rain ruined our original plan, we didn’t let it ruin us. We decided to go thriftin’ because there’s still a bunch of random stuff we need for the apartment and going to thrift stores can be fun!

I found this one store online called Unique Thrift Store that was apparently the size of a Target and worth the trip, and we ventured out. There were a bunch of sneaky vendors at the beginning before you got into the proper thrift store that had a bunch of cool stuff that was not too cheap and caught our attention immediately. Once we realized they weren’t part of the “Customer Appreciation Day” (where everything was 25% off!) we quickly moved on, and this was no joke. This store was enormous, with rows and rows of household stuff, furniture, books, games, clothes, shoes, etc. Unfortunately, the furtniture wasn’t very good looking (we are in search of *the perfect* coffee table) and the household supplies (which we honestly don’t really need any) left something to be desired. We made a rule that we had to find at least two things to purchase in order to buy something at the store, and though Wil found one random spoon he wanted, we walked out empty handed.

We then spotted (in the same parking lot!) this Asian grocery store that we decided to stop in. It seriously blew my mind. They had tanks with live eel, shrimp, dungeness crabs, mini lobsters, and other fish, which were all SO CHEAP. They had rows and rows of produce, some I had never heard of before, and then aisles and aisles of asian groceries. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t even take any pictures, and I zoomed from aisle to aisle focusing on random segments. At one I point I decided to get stuff to make sushi because of their fresh fish, rows of rice, and many difference kinds of seaweed, but then I aborted mission and tried to find soba noodles, but got distracted by tea. I want to go back to this place and have a game-plan, because we walked out with lots and lots of random things, but nothing that really went together. In terms of produce, we got a melon, white sweet potatoes, cucumbers,mango, avocado, and yams, and then crystalized honey, tea, tapioca flour, spices, skewers for the kabob, Sriracha hot sauce, and some other randoms. It was such a cool experience, and we were the only white people in the whole store, but I want to go back with a plan!

After that we ventured to another thrift store and actually found a good coffee table, some art for our wall, and some new grill utensils. All of the furniture was 50% off, so we got the table for $20! It’s a little low to the ground for my preference, but it works.

After we returned from our day of thrifin’, we decided to go to happy hour at Kora. They have some great happy hour specials, and its walking distance from our apartment. I started off with a glass of Malbec, and the bartender decided to put the whole bottle near my glass ‘in case I wanted more.”

That never ends well. 🙂 I got some bruschetta to start (which was $5 for happy hour!) and it was delicious.

The bread was toasty, the tomatoes juicy but perfectly firm, and the pesto perfect with the dish. Yum! We then split two tiny pizzas.

The first was a white pizza with provolone, mozzarella, and spinach (we asked for it without sausage).

The second was a margarita pizza with fresh mozz, tomato, and basil. Both were outstanding! They had a pizza oven that was in perfect view from where we were sitting at the bar, and the crust was crispy but perfectly fluffy. The cheese was all melty, and the toppings were perfect on both pizzas. So good! They were pretty small, so splitting two did not feel too indulgent (they were also $5 each for happy hour!)

Then we ended the meal with a Beet Salad.

It had roasted red beets, arugula, walnuts, gorgonzola, orange segments, and an orange vinaigrette. It was the perfect way to end the meal! The walnuts were toasted and everything just went so well together. This one was not on the happy hour menu but we were in the mood for some greens, so it was delicious.

I’m off to watch Nurse Jackie and make it an early night so I can get ready to go to work tomorrow (what’s that!?)! Have a good night!