Friday Five

Five for Friday: Good and Less So

Five random things to share for today, some good, some less so.

1.) GOOD

Tina reached out to me to let me know she was going to be in DC this week for a foodie tour and to see when we could squeeze some time in. The schedule for the tour is PACKED, so we ended up meeting up for a run yesterday morning before I had to go to work slash the tour started with Leslie, who is also visiting DC for the tour.

Leslie, Tina, Me

We had a really great 5 mile run around the monuments. A lot of times I have trouble running with other people, but yesterday went really smooth and the miles actually flew by as we caught up.


I failed to mention this, but I majorly failed on the exercise front with all my business travels. I did manage to get the sixteen miler in toward the beginning of my trip to Charlotte, which was a big success, but after that, I didn’t run, or do any form of exercise for that matter, for EIGHT full days. Day 9 was my last day in New Orleans, and I started it off with 6 miles on the treadmill, so that’s good at least. But eight days off at peak marathon training is not recommended nor ideal.

3.) GOOD

I got to dine at Floriana last night and it was AMAZING. Full review to come, but they have introduced a new menu and a new chef, and I got to have dinner on the house to check out the changes and it was pretty incredible. Plus, I got to catch up with my friend Amber who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks! Win win!



Healthy eating was heavily on the back burner during my work travels to Charlotte and New Orleans over the last two weeks. Even though I know all the tricks to eating healthy on business trips, come conference time when things are hectic and it’s always go-go-go, I stray so far from my normal habits and I really really struggle with staying on track. Couple this with #2, and you’ll understand why I’m having trouble with my weight being up a few pounds, yet again. I have to weigh in for Weight Watchers by today since it’s the end of the month, and I know I’m over goal by a bit, so I’m not even sure what the repercussions are since I’m an employee. Sigh.

5.) GOOD

Always good to end on a positive note, eh? This is my first weekend home in three weekends, and I have NO PLANS. Well you know, besides trying to run 18 miles. I just mean I don’t have to go anywhere and can actually take some time to decorate and enjoy the new place. I’m so excited to stay put and RELAX and not travel. Yay!

Let’s stick with all GOODS for you guys. Share with me something good going on this week/weekend!