Chips and Salsa

I Did It!

Hey! I am happy to report that I followed through and ran home from work today for the first time! Not gonna lie, it was ROUGH. I got outside and could not believe how humid it was out. There were many, many times during the run where I thought about stopping and came so close to walking, but I just slowed down and kept on going. I got slightly lost on the run and had to turn around, but after I figured out where I was going and finally made it to the Mount Vernon Trail (where I do most of my running) I knew that if I walked it would just take me longer to get home.

When the run was over, I ended up doing just over 4.5 miles in about 45-50 minutes. I didn’t have my Garmin with me, but I did use this app called Cardio Trainer on my droid which kept track of my distance/calories burned. I didn’t turn it on until I had been going a little while, but it says I went 4.3 miles in 44 minutes, and burned 567 calories. I know that’s just an estimate based on my age/weight/height, but I can use it for comparison when I do more runs without my Garmin. When I made it home, I was sooo red and so sweaty since it was extremely humid outside, and my face stayed red long after my shower. But, I did it. I’m so happy! 🙂

While today’s run was not ideal, I now know where I’m going and plan to try to run home from work sometimes because it’s great to get home and already be done working out! Also, I think 4.5-5 miles is the perfect distance to do for a run 1x a week or so, but it’ll just depend on how humid it is because I don’t really want to run outside again when the air is as heavy as it was today.

After I got home, I met a friend from high school, Erika, for dinner. We found out while chatting today that she actually works extremely close to where I live in Crystal City! She walks by my elevator daily and didn’t realize that’s where I lived – so hopefully we’ll be getting together more often. We went to a Mexican Restaurant that has a great happy hour, and I didn’t eat as healthy as I would have if I was eating at home, but it wasn’t that bad either. I started off with a “small” frozen margarita:

Which was actually pretty huge. I also had a vodka soda later in the night but limited myself to one margarita. Plus, it was a special occassion because I hadn’t seen Erika in ages even though we live in the same town. We housed some chips + salsa while chatting, so I decided to go light with my meal since I ate too many chips, and ordered the veggie fajitas.

I was actually really impressed with them! I asked for no sour cream and extra pico de gallo instead, and I ate one flour tortilla plus lots of veggies + pico de gallo. I ended up bringing the leftovers home because I overdid it on chips. While not ideal, I feel like at Mexican restaurants I usually overdo it on chips and then overdo it on my meal too, so this time I went for moderate overdoing instead… baby steps, right?

Anyways, I am very happy that I toughed it through my run even though there were lots of excuses that I was coming up with to stop. I think I finally got myself out of the rut I was in and feel like I can move forward being healthy. I don’t have too many other distractions coming up, besides going away for Father’s Day this weekend, but I think I can still be pretty healthy and avoid drinking too much, while fitting in at least one workout over the weekend. I plan to try to go to Bikram tomorrow if I can make it after work, or else go for a bike ride or another run, but definitely some sort of good workout.

I hope you all had a great Hump Day! Be back tomorrow!

Blog to the Rescue

Let me preface this post by saying I failed miserably after this morning’s post with making more of an effort to cook at home. That said, we did have a really fun day. We got a bunch more plants for out on our balcony and did a little more thrifin’. I don’t think that’s actually a verb but in my world, it should be. I realized they have books at Goodwill for $1.59 and they had a lot of new looking best sellers. I am going to start stocking up there when I go because I love having books lined up to read.

We stopped at a cute little Mexican hole-in-the-wall after a few hours of errands, and had a nice meal sitting outside. Though the day was overcast, it was still pretty nice out and sitting outdoors to eat was ideal. We got the standard chips and salsa to start, with a side of guac.

The chips were still warm and delicious. The salsa was a little thinner than I like it, but the flavor was awesome. And the guac was just perfect. I perused the menu and was happy to see they had vegetable tortilla soup. I’ve only ever seen chicken tortilla soup on a menu so when it said veggie soup, I got excited and decided to order it along with a salad.

It did not disappoint! The flavor of the broth was sooo good, and there were peppers, onions, and other veggies in the soup. Also, a little bit of cheese and fresh cilantro on top. yum. The salad I got with it was pretty good too.

It had grilled shrimp, hearts of palm, baby corn, red cabbage, lettuce, and tomato. I got the dressing on the side, but actually ended up pouring the rest of the salsa over the salad which was perfect. The pieces of tomato in the salad were huge, and two of them were a little on the soft side. I ended up just putting them on the rim of the plate and not eating them, but the rest of the salad was awesome. The grilled shrimp were super flavorful and delicious, and I definitely would not have complained if there were more of them!

After running around doing errands all day, we decided to cave and order Indian food for dinner. I looked everywhere for the menu but could not find it anywhere. I didn’t know the name of the restaurant so I couldn’t even look it up online. Then I realized I could search my blog for Indian food to find out the last time we ordered it, and look up the number in my phone from that date. And it worked! Indian food is now on the way thanks to blogging. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow – hope your weekends are going fabulously!

PS: I’ve finally sort of gotten my head around Twitter and have started tweeting when I put up a new post. If you’re on there, follow me @bethsjourneytt!