Brown Rice

Best Lunch Ever

Ohhhh man I just had the most delicious lunch ever. Sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere you know you love but try something new, and have it made for you rather than throwing it together yourself. Today was one of those days for me. I went to the Juice Joint Cafe since I ran out of time to pack my lunch this morning, and with the cold/rainy weather, had to convince myself to go outside. My standby there is a Roasted Veggie & Mozz Sandwich but I was in the mood for something different, and something warm, so I looked at the Hot Sandwich/Wrap list. There’s been one on there calling my name for some time, so today I finally went with it, and was SO glad I did.

Plantain a la Cubana: Grilled plantains, black beans, sour cream, brown rice, lettuce and tomato. Served on your choice of tortilla.

I ordered it on a whole wheat wrap, and it did not disappoint.

It was pretty massive, but it was too good for me to leave some behind. Take a look inside the wrap:

Loaded with plantains, black beans, brown rice, and veggies. It was amaaazing. This may be my new go-to there, and definitely something I plan to recreate at home. I love plantains and they are so cheap at the grocery store, so this would be pretty easy to whip up at home and maybe make into a salad version. I also had a small side salad:

With organic greens, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. It was the perfect supplement to the wrap. I kind of wish I could rewind and have lunch again, it was that good. Plus, I’d rather eat than do work, but I don’t think that makes me unique.

Shrimp Ochazuke

I just got back from an awesome team lunch with work! Our department is pretty small so there’s only 7 of us, and everyone is pretty young and cool so we all get along quite well. We went to Teaism today and I hadn’t been there in ages. It’s a great little place with 3 locations around DC, and one of them happens to be just a few blocks from my office. Judging by the name, I’m sure you could venture to guess that they have tons of different kinds of hot tea, but they also have a retail area where they sell tea pots, tea sets, and of course, tea. It gets super busy during lunch so I couldn’t look that much into it, but I’d love to get a fancy tea pot and some nice loose teas.

As we were waiting in line, someone walked by me with their lunch and I saw it and knew I had to have it. Shrimp Ochazuke which was listed on the menu as a brown rice and tea soup, with shrimp, veggies, wasabi & sencha green tea. Your guess is as good as mine on how to pronounce that one (mine was acha-zu-key). 😉 Because we all ordered together, there was a little confusion over the drinks. I asked if they had unsweetened iced green tea, but they said they only had very lightly sweetened iced green tea, or hot green tea. So when I sat down to eat, I realized they had given me a pot of hot tea which I was fine with. I went and asked for a glass of ice and just iced it. Only after coming back to my office and looking at the menu online did I realize that tea was actually meant to be poured over my dish to make it into the soup that the menu described… better luck next time. 🙂

Even though I didn’t eat it how you were supposed to, it was delicious. (See that tea pot to the back left of the bowl? Yeah, that was the “broth”… oops!) It was incredibly flavorful and there was seaweed and some other spices sprinkled on top that made the whole dish pop. Underneath all the veggies was a scoop of brown rice, so the bowl not only tasted good, but it was filling, too. I’m looking forward to going back and eating it the right way, though my way was pretty darn good, too.

It’s a gorgeous day today, so I can’t wait for 5pm so I can go spend some time outside!