Breakfast Potatoes


Today is amazing outside!! Oh my gosh. It is almost 90 degrees but dry, sunny, and amazing. Take a look at the view from my balcony. First, our pool:

And next, Reagan airport and the Potomac:

Ahh I can’t wait to get out there to enjoy this weather!

Today started with a 9am Bikram class that felt SO good. I really think the 2x a week idea is perfect for me. I woke up at 8am and went right away without eating, because they tell you not to eat right before you go and I wasn’t about to wake up too much before 8am on a Sunday! 🙂 I did drink a big glass of water before I went and then drank 2 bottles of ice water during the class. I had a new instructor today and he was amazing. He explained a few of the postures and did demonstrations of one’s I’ve never had broken down before so I got some awesome pointers from him. It was a great way to start the day and left me feeling cleansed, energized, and HUNGRY.

I got home and immediately ate a piece of toast with some Crofter’s Europe.

Then the boyfriend made us breakfast while I took a shower and cleaned up a little bit. There was an awesome ingredient today that I’ve never heard of before – Garlic Sprouts. Here is what they look like:

Garlic sprouts, also known as green garlic, spring garlic, young garlic, and baby garlic is immature garlic that hasn’t yet developed the garlic bulb that we typically think of when picturing garlic. They are about the thickness of green beans, but a lot longer and curly, as you can see. They are crisp and very similar to texture to green beans, but have a very potent garlic taste. I saw them at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday and had never seen them before, so I picked up a bag of them after having a taste. Just a tiny little bite BURSTS with garlic flavor, so these are definitely not for people who don’t love love love garlic like I do!

To use these today, we just chopped up a few since they’re so strong and added them to the white potatoes (also from the Farmer’s Market) to make a hash. I requested an egg white omelet (he had regular eggs) and we used corn (cut off the cob, not frozen for once), green onion, and a little more of the garlic sprouts for filling in the omelets, plus he had provolone but I did mine cheese-free.

Garnished with some of the veggie filling and some microgreens. He also had some toast but since I had the bread right after Bikram, I didn’t have more. I added some Sriracha to my omelet.

I also sliced up an apple that was meant for sharing, but I ended up eating it all.

An awesome meal and start to the day! I haven’t had an omelet in ages even though I eat eggs a lot, and this one was delicious.

We are having a Memorial Day gathering tomorrow (I’d say party but there aren’t too many people coming…) so we have to do some errands today to get ready as well as clean up the apartment. Hopefully I’ll still be able to soak up some sun and get everything done.

Have you ever tried garlic sprouts? What is the most unique ingredient you’ve ever found and cooked with? Or do you shy away from that stuff and just stick to what you know?

Fun Friday

Hey! Sorry for not coming back last night… twas a late night with a few too many cocktails, but lots of fun. 🙂

I went to Maddy’s after work for some drinks with two of my best girlfriends in DC. We were actually looking for somewhere to sit outside, and shortly after we parked my friend’s car, it started to DOWNPOUR. So even though the rain sucked, timing worked out well because we weren’t sitting outside yet when it started. The place we chose is somewhere I hadn’t been in a long time, and I forgot just how cute it is! We got a few things to share. First, housemade tortilla chips with white queso and salsa.

And then we got a flatbread, which was basically a pizza, that was out of this world.

It had an eggplant spread, figs, carmelized onions, and gorgonzola crumbles. It was supposed to come with proscuitto too but we asked for it without. It was sooo good. I had 2-3 small pieces of that and a bunch of chips. We ended up ordering fries to split between the three of us a little later, but after a few of these:

Snapping a photo wasn’t the first thing on my mind. 🙂 I had 3 vodka soda’s and then a dirty martini… and then we went back to Lianne’s house and had another glass of wine. Eek! It was over the course of several hours so luckily I wasn’t too tipsy, but definitely drank a bit more than I planned too. It was a splurge night, what can I say. And, it was really fun, so no regrets. 🙂

Moving along, this morning I woke up feeling surprisingly good and the first thing on my mind was… shocker… breakfast. I ended up throwing together a delicious wrap with a breakfast potato hash on the side.

For the potato hash (serves 2):

  • 1/2 medium sweet potato
  • 1 small white potato
  • ~ 1/2 cup sweet corn, frozen
  • 2 large green onions, chopped
  • 2 tsp canola oil

I peeled and chopped the potatoes, and then put them in a pot with cold water and brought it to a boil. Always remember to start the water cold with potatoes, not throw them into boiling water, because it always for more even cooking.  Once it was boiling, I took them off the heat since they’d be cooking more in the pan, and they were slightly al dente. I then threw them into a pan with the oil and corn, and let it sit for a few minutes to brown the one side, before mixing them up and letting them sit again. I threw in the green onions during the last two minutes of cooking, and the hash turned out awesome! The potatoes and the corn got crispy from browning and the flavor was just great.

The breakfast wrap had 2 scrambled eggs, some Morningstar Farms sausage style crumbles, and some shredded mozzarella cheese. I wrapped it up in a Flatout Wrap that I found in the depths of my freezer.

This breakfast was awesome, but definitely a little heavier than normal. I wanted to get some good food in my stomach because I’m going on a nice long bikeride today with some girlfriends. I’m biking into the city to meet them, which is about 7.5 miles. Then we’re going to bike down to the mall and have a light picnic, and then I’ll be biking back home, so I expect to do 15-20 miles today. I’ll wear my Garmin so I can figure out just how far it is, but I am really looking forward to it! It’s a gorgeous day here in DC – mid 70s, sunny, and not humid at all. Perfect day for biking!

Hope your Saturday is great and I’ll be back later!