Banana Softserve

Banana Softserve Overnight Oats

Morning! Today is off to a better start than most Mondays. I got a great night’s sleep last night and had an incredible breakfast. So, The Lovely Bones? Any of you seen it? I watched it last night and thought it was pretty good! The book was one of my favorites many years ago, but I read it a while ago so I didn’t remember much of the detail of what happened. I’ve heard some people who were die hard fans of the book hating it. I feel like its really easy to hate a movie when you’ve read and loved the book because you create your own picture of what happens through reading it, and the movie can never live up to your own creation. You always picture the characters a certain way, their voices to sound a certain way, and just have your own spin on the story. That said, I think because the book wasn’t too vivid in my head, I really liked the movie. I thought it was interesting that they kept flipping back between the afterlife and Earth and the connection between Suzie and her family. I’d recommend it!

Last night I put together ingredients for Angela’s Vegan Overnight Oats. I’m not vegan (I love cheese and eggs way too much) but I wanted to experiment making the overnight oats with just milk, and I normally use soy or almond milk as opposed to regular cow’s milk as it is.

Into the mix went:

  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 3/4 cup light soy milk
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Then this morning, I made the banana softserve with one frozen banana. I took a few pictures of the process to show you the right consistency. Once you’ve had it in the food processor for a minute or so, it gets sort of crumbly and looks something like this:

Scrape down the sides and keep it going and once it starts sticking to the blades after another minute or so, it’ll get to the perfect consistency and look more like this:

I used Angela’s idea for Banana Softserve Overnight Oats and layered it with the overnight oats. It was SO good and reminded me of eating a sundae for breakfast!

SO good. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should. The frozen bananas against the cold oats gives it such a nice flavor and temperature contrast. It gives me ideas for doing different kinds of layers with the overnight oats of some of the toppings I’d normally use. It’s so much more fun to eat breakfast when it looks pretty! 🙂

Happy Monday!