Almond Milk

Sunday Brunch

I loooove Sundays. It’s the one day my boyfriend and I get to spend fully together (except he has to work today) and I feel like I always make better use of it than Saturdays. I don’t have too much on the agenda for today besides Bikram at 4 and possibly a bike ride before that. I got a new bike seat that’s gel top and a lot wider than my other seat so I want to test it out and might take it for a short ride soon.

Another thing I love about Sundays is brunch and today we decided to do brunch at home. The star of it was the Sweet Potato Hash. We started by adding some chopped sweet potatoes and red onions to a wok with a little canola oil.

That cooked for about 10 minutes until the potatoes and onions were soft and getting browned. Then, we added chopped frozen tricolored peppers, frozen organic sweet kernel corn, and sausage style crumbles and continued to cook it in the wok for another 10 minutes.

With my hash I had one poached egg (poached in simmering water with 1 tbsp white vinegar) and a slice of whole wheat potato bread, which made for a delicious Sunday brunch.

I just re-discovered this whole wheat potato bread yesterday at the grocery store. I like my bread to be made with whole grains, have under 100 calories per slice and some fiber, and most importantly taste delicious. This bread has 70 calories a slice and is made with whole grain flour. Because its potato bread, its fluffy and delicious tasting and went so well with breakfast! I hadn’t had a poached egg in ages and had been craving one, so this really hit the spot. And sweet potato hash?? Yes, please! It was so good that my boyfriend is thinking about putting it on the brunch menu at his restaurants. 🙂

I also had two cups of french press coffee with frothed almond milk.

I wasn’t sure how the almond milk would work with frothing and it didn’t froth as well as regular skim milk, but still was pretty good! I couldn’t believe how heating up the almond milk really brought out the nuttiness of the milk. I like almond milk, but never really think it tastes or smells like almonds, but after I heated it up for 30 seconds before frothing it, it smelled so strongly of almonds. It went really well in my coffee and gave it a nice nutty flavor.

OK I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I’ll be back after Bikram. Hope your weekend is good!

Cookie and Candy Plate

I’m so sad that Saturday is over! Though I wasn’t feeling that fabulous for most of the day, it was nice to take it easy and enjoy the 90 degree day. I found a new place in my neighborhood for a mani/pedi and they did an awesome job. I was in there for 2.5 hours because the woman took such care. Towards the end I was definitely getting a little antsy to get out of there, but it was awesome. She gave me a really long leg and foot massage and a great hand/arm massage too. I ate a lot of snacks after the GM, starting with another Kind Bar.

This was the Fruit and Nut kind and was even better than the last one. It had a bunch of different kinds of nuts and dried fruit so every bite was a little different and it was soo good.

I also had a bagel thin toasted with ricotta (no cream cheese or butter in sight).

And then I had a small mug of cereal with one crushed Weetabix biscuit and the rest of the pumpkin flax granola from Whole Foods, with some almond milk.

Looking back, I probably should have had one thing a bit more substantial, but I was feeling pretty icky so I just went with what I felt like…

Then I got myself together and met my boyfriend at Chef Geoff Tysons tonight when he got off of work to get a bite at the bar. I decided to have a glass of Torrontes (JUST ONE)

It was good, but I didn’t even finish the glass. I got the mixed green salad with blue cheese crumbles and berry vinaigrette to start (dressing on the side).

Then I ordered the wild mushroom pizza that had fontina, taleggio, and grana padana (all types of cheese).

This pizza was soooo good. They have a special pizza oven in the restaurant to make all the pizzas, so the crusts get crispy and the toppings all melty. So, so good. I ate 2/3 of this pizza (4 small pieces) and brought the last two pieces home.

I was pretty full at this point, but we decided to get a dessert to share anyways, so I just nibbled on it. It was the Cookies and Candy plate, which is all handmade at the restaurant.

Clockwise from top left, caramel corn, chocolate dipped toffee, dolce de leche, cinnamon sugar cookie, an anise marshmallow, and chocolate covered almonds. I tried a bit of everything and it was incredible. Handmade candy is like nothing else! I laughed a little because its called “cookies and candy” but it came out with only one cookie. Turns out the kitchen ran out of cookies so they just gave us one, but I found it pretty funny because I have a strange sense of humor… 🙂

Off to bed… I am going to sleep well tonight!