Chocolate Cherry Breakfast Cookie

Morning! I’ve been wanting to try Gina’s famous Breakfast Cookie for so long, and last night I finally got around to making one for this morning! The two things holding me back were: 1.) it calls for protein powder and 2.) I was worried about transporting it. I solved #1 by buying the protein powder last night, and #2 by wrapping a small plastic plate in saran wrap and just bringing the whole plate into work.

The base of the breakfast cookie calls for 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, and 1 tbsp nut butter of your choice.

I used almond butter and vanilla whey protein powder for my cookie. You mix those three ingredients together until it makes a crumbly mixture and the almond butter is broken up and spread throughout the mix. Then you add 2 tbsp of milk of your choice (I used light soy) and then whatever mix-ins you want. Some ideas are mashed bananas, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, granola, etc.

I chopped up some dried cherries from the bulk bins and added those along with 1 tbsp of dark chocolate chunks to mine. Once you have everything mixed up and ready to go, you spread it out on a plate with the back of a spoon in the shape of a cookie and refrigerate it overnight. It stays soft-ish (like you can’t pick it up off the plate) and is meant to be eaten with a spoon (or your fingers if you’re classy like me). The oats get soft from soaking in the milk so they taste less raw, and the almond butter hardens in the fridge and keeps the whole cookie together.

Here’s mine ready to be eaten:

Success! It was so good and seriously felt like I was eating a big cookie for breakfast, which is never a bad thing. We’ll see how long it keeps me full, but with the protein powder, oats, and nut butter, hopefully at least a few hours. The chocolate cherry combo is awesome but I can’t wait to try some other combinations. Up next I’m thinking mashed banana and chocolate.

I have to get cracking on my workday! I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start. Be back after lunch!

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