Juice Joint (Again)

Hi! It’s funny how it can go from so hot you are sweating just thinking about being outside, to so chilly you need a coat from one day to the next. DC will do that to you. If you couldn’t guess, its quite cool here today and my body is having a hard time adjusting! After my morning bowl of oats, I had a pink lady apple for a snack.

I wasn’t even that hungry for it, but I had it on my desk and it kept looking at me, so I couldn’t resist. 😉 It was really good, sweeter than a fuji but still crunchy. Mmm.

I got to meet my friend Leah who is visiting from out of town for lunch, along with our friend Rachel (who’s also local). We were trying to decide where to go, so I suggested the Juice Joint Cafe.

It’s close to work, delicious and healthy. I’m always baffled by how long the line is every time I go, yet how quick the people at the registers tackle the line. I never wait for more than a few minutes to order or to get my meal. I was toying with the idea of going with my usual Mozzarella and Roasted Veggie Sandwich, but today I went out on a limb and tried something new. I got the Roasted Portabello and Red Pepper Wrap.

This has roasted portabello mushrooms, red peppers, and goat cheese and is tossed with mixed greens in balsamic vinaigrette. It comes on a wrap of your choice, and I went with the wheat.

It was as good as it looks and sounds! It was pretty big, but lots of veggies so I felt full but not uncomfortably so. I love goat cheese and red peppers and portabello mushrooms, so this wrap was pretty much made for me. 😉 And catching up with my friends involved a lot of talking so I ate pretty slow which is always a good thing. I also had a bottle of the bubbly poland spring that I love:

Mmm love this place!

Change of plans for tonight.. we’re going to cook dinner for my parents instead of eating at the restaurant because Wil actually has to help out there tomorrow night, so we’ll probably go tomorrow night instead. We’re going to do whole fish tonight so I have to run home after work, pick up some last minute things for dinner, and then run around and do some last minute cleaning around the apartment before they arrive. Wish me luck!

Hanging in Hampton

Whew! What a day. We left around 1pm to make the should be three-hour drive, but got caught in a TON of traffic. We ended up getting to my boyfriend’s mom house around 4:45, but it felt like so much longer because traffic was so bad and frustrating! Luckily I had a few snacks in the car to ward off the crankiness that otherwise would have definitely hit hard… 😉

A banana

And a 100 calorie pack of Almonds and Walnuts. I also grabbed some dried fruit when we were getting gas with figs, pineapple, mango and papaya and ate about 1/2 the bag. No picture though!

We hung out for a while at the house and then drove around this new section of town and found a cute Italian restaurant called Bensi. It was only 11 days old but seems like a welcome addition to the town (they are really in need of some nice restaurants!). We talked with one of the partners, and they have 20 locations in NJ and this is their first location in VA, but our meal was excellent – especially for an 11 day old restaurant!

They served this to start, which had peppers stuffed with bread crumbs, olive oil, and cheese in the far left, olive oil with salt and pepper in the middle, and sliced cheese to the right. They also served a bread basket, and a bowl of salad family style.

Here was my first plate:

I may have gone back for another serving of salad and bread… or two 😉 But overall this was a great first course. I love it a.) when things are free, b.) things are served family style, and c.) when its delicious! The salad was bottomless so we got another bowl to split between the four of us and it was really fresh and good. For my main course, I went with the grilled salmon.

It came with broccoli and potato of the day (which was smashed potatoes with bacon and cheese and cream) but I asked to sub a baked potato and they did that no problem.  I also asked for extra mango salsa which came with the salmon as it was, and poured one of those two containers over the potato. Mango salsa is one of my favorites, and this one was really fresh and went great with the potato and over the salmon. I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the side from Chile

Overall a really good meal. We usually cook when we visit with his mom, but they like meat and I don’t like to be too high maintenance so with my new fish-only policy, so I was a little nervous. Luckily, my boyfriend suggested we go out to dinner, so it was easy for me to get what I wanted and not have to seem picky. We’re now drinking a few beers at the hotel (Miller Lite for me) and taking it easy. I checked out the hotel gym and it is REALLY nice, so I’m thinking about paying a visit tomorrow. I don’t want to do anything too crazy because of my 10 miler tomorrow, but maybe do the elliptical for a little and some weights… but we shall see.

(PS: notice two darkish spots on my collar-bone?? I got really bad chaffing from the run today and those two spots are RAW. I had a zip up hoodie on during the run that I unzipped a bit once I warmed up, and I think the zipper must have really irritated my skin. It hurts!! But, that’s the worst of my post run injuries, so I can’t really complain…)

Yay for having internet at the hotel.. didn’t think I’d be able to update tonight! Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday, and I’ll check in tomorrow!

Korean Cart, Take Two

Today Emily (my work spouse, as others have put it) and I decided to go sit in McPherson Square to eat lunch, and it was such a good decision. I decided I’m going to bring a designated picnic blanket into work for lunches for the summer so spreading out in the grass is always an option. I brought my lunch but she needed to buy something and asked for an idea, so I suggested the Korean Cart where I got those awesome dumplings!

It is located on K Street NW, between Vermont and 14th St. The food is homemade every morning and the cart is family run. There is a father-daughter team serving the line of hungry people constantly lining up.

And the food is SO good. And affordable, especially for DC!

After Emily picked up her lunch (Mandu with the mild salad), we walked over to McPherson Square to sit and have our lunch, and a lot of other people had the same idea!

Food just tastes better when you eat it in the sun, I think. Here is Emily’s lunch from the cart:

I had leftovers from last night

and two plums

It was really hard to convince myself to come back to work, as I’m sure you can imagine. But, here I am! 🙂

Excited to get through the afternoon so I can hang out with my girlfriends. Happy almost weekend!

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