Menu Plan

Menu Plan Monday

Boo another weekend gone. And only THREE left in my current apartment before I move into the city – cahrazy!

I have to say, I am seriously kicking this kitchen clean out challenge’s BUTT. I have done so well limiting my grocery spending and working my way through my pantry/fridge/freezer and though I still have a few weeks left, I’m quite impressed with my progress. And humble about it, too. Winking smile

Yesterday, I took a trip to Whole Foods and managed to do really well there.

Here’s everything I got:

Let’s take a closer look:


    • Spring Mix
    • Peaches (99 cents a lb!)
    • Organic red grapes (2.99/lb)
    • Organic Bananas x5
    • Quart grape tomatoes ($2.99!!)
    • Organic Green Beans


    • Multigrain Pop Cakes (see below)
    • Fage 0% ($3 on sale)
    • Organic Firm Tofu
    • Vidalia Onions x2
    • Organic Collards

The new-to-me purchase of the day:

Multigrain Pop Cakes. They are sort of like a cross between rice cakes and pop chips with an almost rice cake like texture. Sort of hard to explain, but check out the stats:


A serving is six of them, and they are pretty big – about the size of a corn tortilla. 6 have 3 pts+, so you get 2 for 1 pointplus. Not bad!

And the ingredient list?


Short and pronounceable. Win!

The total damage from the trip?

Just 23.74! Woohoo.

Here’s what I came up for a meal plan, using up all the fresh stuff I bought plus working my way through some things still left in my kitchen:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Eggs w/toast and tomatoes, grapes Salad w/black beans + cheese + pop cakes Collard Wraps
Tuesday Overnight Oats in a Jar w/banana Leftover Collard Wraps w/Popchips Sesame Tempeh w/steamed spinach
Wednesday Green smoothie w/greek yogurt, milk, frozen fruit Leftover tempeh and spinach over salad Refried bean and Cheese burrito, steamed collards
Thursday Bagel thin w/peanut butter and banana Bean + Cheese burrito w/veggies Linguini with white clam sauce
Friday Greek yogurt w/frozen berries + cereal Leftover linguini w/white clam sauce BBQ Tofu + green beans

I’m most excited about the collard wraps for tonight – they’re something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time and am finally getting around to! I’ll do a step-by-step recap of the technique later this week – don’t worry.

And just for kicks, here’s my workout/marathon training plan for the week as well:

  • Monday: 1 hour outdoor yoga – Check!
  • Tuesday: 5 mile run
  • Wednesday: The Shred
  • Thursday: 35 minute intervals
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 12 miles (!)
  • Sunday: Rest

What dinner are you most looking forward to this week?

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