Healthy Date

Ode to a Perfect Weekend

I looooove the weekends. That makes me unique, right?

This past one, I had the PERFECT weekend in my book.

Friday night started out with a healthy date with my friend Kelly. I stopped by my old office to say hello at the end of the day (where she still works) and we headed over to the gym for a quick workout. I ended up doing 20 minutes of intervals on the stairmill and then a quick strength training circuit and felt great. Afterwards, we grabbed some salads at Chop’t (the new seasonal Tabago Jerk Cobb has only 6 pts+ by the way and is DELICIOUS) and then headed to E Street Cinema to see Celeste and Jesse Forever.

celeste and jesse forever


Though the movie doesn’t have the best ratings for some reason, I LOVED it. It was hysterical laugh-out-loud at some points, and touching to the point of tears in my eyes at others. A little depressing overall but really, really well done in my opinion.

Saturday I woke up bright and early and headed to Whole Foods to do a little shopping. I wanted to make this South Indian Lentil Stew I found on and knew I would be out all day Sunday, so wanted to pick up what I needed first thing. After coming back from WF, I met my friend Jess at the gym and did 45 minutes of intervals on the stairmaster and led her through a strength training routine, which was fun! Afterwards, we did a little shopping, and then headed to meet up for our friend’s birthday in the late afternoon.

It brought me right back to college, party bus and all. We were supposed to go to Annapolis for a crab feast, but when we got there 32 people deep, they couldn’t make room for us. Next thing we knew, we got asked to leave for being too rowdy and ended up at Red, Hot and Blue, a barbeque place. It’s funny because there’s actually one in Arlington, which is just a quick trip on the metro from where we started, but we ended up traveling via bus to eat there. Whatever the case, we had a great time and it seriously brought me back to feeling like I was 21.

Sunday morning I had some exciting plans – my very first hike! Lauren had emailed me to see if I wanted to come up to Frederick for a hike and said that Ashley would join us. I jumped at the chance! My friend Tegan came with me for the hour drive up to Frederick, and before I knew it, we were at the start of the trail.

photo 4 (43)

We ended up doing a 5.5 mile loop which took about 2 hours, and I LOVED it. The views from the top were breathtaking!

photo 1 (50)

It was seriously the most perfect day. Since the ground was so rocky and uneven, I had to pay attention just enough to really be in the moment, but I felt SO relaxed. Plus, we were talking the ENTIRE time, so it went by so quickly and did not feel like even close to 2 hours.

photo 3 (51)

I can’t believe I waited so long to go for a hike!

photo 2 (54)


Is there anything you waited a long time to do for no good reason?

Taco Night!

Hi! Today was a really fun day. I love Fridays! The day at work seemed to crawl by but then all of a sudden its now midnight, so not sure what happened there. 😛

I made a really random concoction for lunch because I had some Organic Broccoli Slaw from Trader Joe’s that needed to be used, but it ended up working out really well! Last night, I put some of the broccoli slaw in a tupperware and added some rice vinegar, soy sauce, and minced ginger. I shook it up and let it soak like that overnight, and then packed this as well:

I mixed the salmon and the marinated broccoli slaw together and tada…

It actually turned out great! The asian flavors went really well with the slaw and the salmon, and the crunchy slaw was a good contrast in texture. I love it when I throw together really random easy combinations that actually work. I also sliced up a fuji apple that I ate on the side:

Its funny to me how much more substantial fruit seems when I slice or chop it up rather than eat it whole. This apple took so much longer to eat than if I just ate it on the core, so I think I might start trying to slice it up regularly. I love Fujis because they are so crunchy and delicious!

For an afternoon snack, I sliced up 3 plums (last of ’em that needed to be used up!)

And I also had the last bag of cocoa almonds that I scarfed down too fast to take a picture, but I think you have an idea what those look like by now 😉

After work, I got to have my health date with Amber that got cancelled Wednesday. We try to get together about once a week and either go for a run or work out in my gym, and then make a healthy dinner. It’s so fun because I get the best of both worlds – hanging out with one of my best friends AND getting in a workout and healthy meal (and glass of wine!).

Tonight, we ended up going swimming. There is a pool in DC that is free for DC residents ($4 for VA residents like yours truly), but it is SO nice. Here’s a picture I snapped from the top:

The lanes are 50 meters long (Olympic sized), and there are several lanes available to swim in. The lanes are marked with signs that say “Fast” “Medium” and “Slow” and there are tons of kickboards and other swimming equipment available. There are really nice locker rooms/showers and also a hot tub to use! For all you DCers, its in the Tenleytown Area, right near the metro across from the Whole Foods. It’s called the Wilson Aquatic Center.

I ended up swimming laps for about 40 minutes (with a few breaks, no longer than 20 seconds) and did 17 laps in total (34 lengths of the pool), which is just over 1 mile. 16.5 laps (or 33 lengths) is a mile, but I never like to get out from the deep end so I always do the extra half lap. I love swimming because its such a different workout than running, but still such a great cardio and total body workout. I feel like when I’m in the water I’m so focused on just getting to the other end of the pool, not so much on how hard I’m working, but every time I stop my heart is beating so fast and I’m out of breath. It’s also non impact, so it gives my body a nice break from the stress I put on my joints from running.

After we finished swimming, we sat in the hot tub for a little while to chat and relax, and then decided we were super hungry so took quick showers to get the chlorine off and headed to Amber’s! It was deemed Taco Night by her boyfriend, and all the food was already prepared when we got there! Amber is a pescatarian too so its great eating with her because its never a question that healthy, veggie or fish options will be available. Here’s our table all set up

Two glasses of red wine, two plates of tacos, guacamole, salsa.. yum. The chips entered the scene shortly after this picture was snapped. Here’s my plate:

I had two tacos with corn tortillas. Each taco has veggie taco meat, chopped tomatoes, broccoli slaw (it had to be used up so I brought it!), white cheddar cheese, and some guac. I also had rice and black beans on the side. With that plate, the glass of wine, all the chips with salsa and the remaining guacamole, and the four glasses of water I drank during dinner, I was STUFFED! If I did it all over I probably would have had less chips and only one taco because I was feeling way too full at the end, but when its on Mexican food it never seems as bad… hmm.

I am exhausted so am going to hit the hay! Tomorrow I’m waking up early to run, and then we are getting on the road to visit my boyfriends mom in southern VA. I’ll check in after my run and hope your weekend is off to a great start!