Hey there! I can hardly believe it’s Sunday night. This weekend has been such a whirlwind of activity with my parents visits, lots of good meals, and the 10 mile run today. I really could use one more day to relax before going back to work, but unfortunately that’s not an option. Physically I feel great – hopefully I’ll wake up in a similar condition tomorrow. My left knee has been a little sore, but I’m icing it again and took a few advil, so it’s really not that bad. I’m glad for this because since I was away for Easter and then got sick, I ended up not running since last Friday! I did 4 miles that day, and then biked 16 the next day. Since then, I’d only done yoga a handful of times besides this morning’s 10 miles, so I’m especially happy with the way today went given those circumstances.

My parents and I went to Legal Seafood for lunch before they got on the road, and it was just an OK meal. The hostess was actually a bit rude to us when we got there which just started the meal off on the wrong foot. Our server was really good, but I actually used to work at Legal Seafood as a waitress years ago, and the menu hasn’t changed one bit since I worked there. Everything is usually good, it just wasn’t that exciting for me. I had one of their rolls and then ordered the Vegetarian Box with scallops. They bring this out to you in a Chinese takeout container, and then remove the container so it stands in a tower.

In the mix is Asian flavored stir-fried vegetables, Thai red coconut curry sauce, cashews, tofu and brown rice with Scallops. I realized shortly after they delivered it that it was made with shrimp instead of scallops, so I let the waiter know and they brought out scallops, too. The flavor was good, but the dish had way too much sauce, so by the end of it, my mouth felt really salty and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I ate about 2/3 of it because I was pretty hungry still from the run. My mom and I also decided to share a dessert and went with the Bananas Foster, which was really good.
The bananas were browned and served in a caramel sauce, and it came with vanilla bean ice cream. We poured the bananas and caramel over the ice cream and it turned into ooey gooey deliciousness. I ate about half of the dessert and it was really good and just what I was craving.
After that meal, my parents got on the road home and I was sad to see them go. I’m always bad with goodbyes, plus my boyfriend is away at an event for a few days, so I have a hard time going from having a lot of people around to be alone! I ended up going into DC to meet up with some girlfriends and we spent some time outside because the weather was gorgeous all day. Mid 70s, sunny and just the right amount of breeze. We ended up grabbing dinner at The Diner in Adams Morgan in DC. I got a glass of sangria and chugged 3 huge glasses of water when we first sat down.
And then I ordered the Hot Veggie Wrap, which had spinach, green peppers, onion, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, broccoli, tomatoes, and provolone cheese.
It also came with delicious hot fries, and the wrap was really good! The provolone cheese got all melty and the wrap was the perfect size. I wasn’t that hungry since we’d eaten such a late lunch, but I managed to eat it all. I definitely indulged a bit today between dessert, french fries, and sangria, but hey, I ran 10 miles this morning! It’s all about balance! 🙂
I am getting ready to pass out hard tonight since I only slept two hours last night, so check I’ll be back tomorrow. I hope you had a good weekend!

Road to Recovery

Good morning! I think my road to recovery has begun. I’m still a little coughy and congested, but I woke up feeling a LOT better today than yesterday. My alarm went off at 7:15am and I turned it off, and woke up again feeling like 5 minutes had passed, and it was 8:19! I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened to me, but I must have needed it. Needless to say, time was very crunched this morning, so no AM yoga, run, or major lunch packing occurred. I had found a few of the Fage 0% greek yogurts on sale at the grocery store, so I grabbed one of those, an apple, and a grapefruit, and headed into work.

Luckily I have a mini grocery store at my desk and I had brought in a 1/2 cup rolled oats the other day when I wasn’t sure how good the overnight oats that had been soaking for 2 nights would be. I mixed the 1/2 cup rolled oats with the Fage (3/4 of a cup) and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Once that had sat for a bit, I added some ground flax, cinnamon, dates, and sliced almonds on top and tada:

Not too shabby for only having time to grab a yogurt out of the fridge, eh? I mixed all of this together so the toppings were spread throughout.

It was sooo good. It was pretty thick, but I prefer my oats/yogurt thicker rather than thinner. Mixing it all together spread the toppings all throughout so that each bite was a little different and delicious! I’m going to try to keep a few more bags of oats at my desk so that I can throw this together again in a pinch.

My parents are coming into town tonight, and two of my best friends from college are visiting too! I’m going to try to get lunch with them today and then going out to dinner with the rents later. Busy day and weekend ahead.

Happy Friday!!

Baby Kale

Hello! Just a quick post because I am exhausted and want to try to sleep as much as possible tonight!

For an afternoon snack, I had a grapefruit:

My friend Lianne taught me to eat these just plain back in college, where you open the white part around each of the sections and just eat the pulp out. Before that, I had only ever eaten grapefruits cut in half with sugar or splenda on them with a spoon, but I love eating them straight, even if its a little barbaric. I definitely make sure no one’s looking if I eat them this way at my desk…

I made the trip to the farmer’s market after work but there were still not too many vendors there. I did pick up some arugula, baby kale, and apples. I got 2 pink lady and 2 fuji apples.. baby steps. 🙂 After getting home from the market, I was planning on going for a run but I am feeling pretty crappy. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better because I really cannot be sick this weekend!

The pollen here in DC is out of control. I have a glass table out on my balcony, and I just cleaned it off last night. Tonight, there was a thick layer of yellow pollen on it, so the table barely looks glass. We also had one of the windows open before they turned on the A/C and I just noticed that the couch by that window had a thick layer of pollen on it too! Crazy. I took some allergy meds tonight just in case this is a combo of sick and allergies.

My friend Amber came over for dinner tonight and my boyfriend happened to get off from work early, so we whipped up a quick, delicious dinner. I found baby kale at the farmer’s market, which I’ve never seen before. I looked it up and basically its kale that hasn’t matured all the way, so its a lot more tender than regular kale, so much so that you can eat it raw. I wanted to use the kale, so I ended up chopping it up, adding a can of garbanzo beans, and 2 cups of cooked couscous. I also added extra virgin olive oil, red wine and white vinegar, and salt and pepper, and mixed it all up. It turned out awesome and was really fresh and tasty.

To go with the couscous salad, Wil whipped up some falafel patties out of a box of falafel mix we had in the pantry. Amber was in charge of chopping up some yellow squash and garlic, and he put that into the mix with water, and then pan fried the patties. They were crispy, hot and delicious, and went perfectly with the couscous salad.

Here’s my plate:

x2. I ended up having 4 falafel patties and another scoop of the couscous salad. It was so tasty and light and I’m hoping all the nutrients in the kale blasts away whatever sickness is brewing inside me. 😉 Let’s hope it works.


Just Another Snacky Day

Hi! Today has been another quick day. Being busy at work certainly makes the days fly by. Today in DC it was in the mid 80s and sunny from the afternoon on. Feels more like summer than spring! It was the kind of afternoon that called for frozen yogurt, so we took another trip to Yogen Fruz. I was excited to see they were in stock with Mochi, one of my favorite toppings.

I got a small nonfat green tea frozen yogurt with mochi and chocolate chips. Delicious! Mochi is Japanese rice cake but gummy, so its sort of like mildly flavored gummy bears (but not in bear shape!) Hard to explain if you’ve never had it, but I just love the texture and think its great on fro yo. Last time I went there they were out of it, so I was happy to see it back in stock.

I am still feeling pretty sick with a runny nose and sore throat. 🙁 I decided a Green Monster would be a good idea for an after work snack because I love them and because of the nutrient boost.

This Green Monster had:

  • 3/4 cup light soy milk (the last of it!)
  • 3/4 cup water (no other option)
  • 7-8 frozen strawberries
  • medium frozen banana
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1 packet organic wheat grass

This GM hit the spot and was delicious. It had been a few days since I last had one, so it was time! Also, notice the background of that smoothie? That is the pool at my apartment complex, filled with water!! They just filled it up in the last few days and I am getting so excited for it to open. It opens from Memorial Day – Labor Day but I’m hoping they decide to open it earlier since the weather’s getting so warm. Fingers crossed!

My friend Meredith’s birthday was today (Happy Birthday Mer!!) so I went over to her apartment for a few hours to hang out on the rooftop. No pictures because it was too dim, but I had 2 glasses of wine, some crackers and cheese, green beans and carrots, and a hamburger cupcake!

This is a cupcake cut in half with a cookie in the middle and red icing “ketchup.” Amber made these for Meredith’s birthday and did an awesome job! Doesn’t it really look like a hamburger!? Here’s a picture of the three of us:

Amber, Me, and Meredith (the birthday girl). Fun fact: we were all roommates at orientation for college and now, 8 years later, are all really close but became friends through different outlets than rooming together.

Fun night but I am ready to hit the hay! Have a good night!

Rough Start

Today has been off to a pretty rough start, but its looking up. First, I somehow lost one of my contacts last night when I was taking a shower and then realized I was wearing my last pair! I forgot about it until I woke up and could only see out of one eye. Yesterday my throat also started to hurt a bit and today I feel sneezy and achy. I’m hoping its just allergies or something that will pass. The last thing is I have a full physical at 11am and have to get blood work done, so I’ve had to fast since dinner last night. I know that doesn’t seem so bad but I am hungry and cranky on top of only seeing out of one eye and feeling sick…

Luckily, things are starting to look up. I called my eye doctor and they told me to come over and gave me an extra contact. My doctor’s appointment is only an hour away, and we have a team meeting that we’re having outside because the weather is so beautiful! Hopefully the day will keep lookin’ up. I’ll check in this afternoon with my eats!

Speedy Monday

Today has flown by! Seriously, where did it go?! I had grand plans to go for a walk in the park and throw around the ball after work, but I had to run to the grocery store for a few things and now my head is pounding. I really hope I’m not getting sick… My sister was sick this weekend and I was feeling a little “off” but I hope it doesn’t turn into a full fledged cold/flu! I have my 10 mile race on Sunday, so I want to be in tip top shape for that. Lots of fruits and veggies and green monsters hopefully will do the trick.

For afternoon snacks, I had an orange:

And some popcorn with cinnamon that I popped and ate right out of the brown paper bag.

When I got home, a few samples had arrived and so the boyfriend and I shared these on the way to the grocery store:

SO good. These were Sahale Snacks Soledad Almonds and had apple, flax seeds, dates, balsamic vinegar, and red pepper in addition to the almonds. The mix was sweet, but not too sweet and super crunchy and satisfying. My only regret was that I shared the bag! 😉

After our grocery store run, we had a few more snacks while we were making dinner.

Moroccan hummus which tasted like curry and was very flavorful, with some celery and some crackers. I overdid it a bit on the crackers and hummus so I kind of ruined my appetite, which is sad because I was really looking forward to this dinner.  I also had a glass (or three) of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, one of my favorites.

Dinner was so good tonight, even though I couldn’t eat too much of it. We had chilled shrimp on a papaya and butter lettuce salad and carrot ginger soup. We boiled the shrimp in some water, hot paprika, and thyme, salt.

We had an ice bath ready to go for the shrimp, and one tip from the chef is that its good to flavor the ice bath just like you do the water you cook the shrimp in. So we added some hot paprika to the ice bath, and transferred the shrimp in there after 2 minutes with a slotted spoon to let them cool.

For the soup, we boiled some water with ginger, 10 large peeled and chopped carrots, ginger, red and white onion, and red curry paste. We let that go for about 45 minutes:

Then transferred it to a blender, and it would have been perfect.

But then a little chili sauce was added (read: a lot) and it ended up being way too spicy for my taste. Sad because I was really looking forward to it. Here was my salad

Which was amazing. The salad had butter lettuce, papaya, grapefruit, tangerine, and pickled red onions. There was also a papaya vinaigrette over the whole salad. The papaya itself was melt in your mouth juicy and went so well with the other elements of the salad. Delicious!

And my soup:

Which was garnished with minced ginger and tangerine zest, and some greek yogurt. I ate about half of this. The flavor was so good, but it was too spicy for me. 🙁

With all the crackers and hummus I ate, I am stuffed. There is a chance I’ll still have room for an ice cream cone later… 😉

Easter Sunday

Hi! I just got back to DC and cleaned the apartment a bit am am now settling into the couch after a long, but fun, day. I woke up around 7am to take a shower because we were planning to leave the house at 8:15am to go to my sisters before church. Add two kids into the mix and nothing goes as planned, but we did leave shortly after 8:30am.  I made a quick bowl of oats before we went because we weren’t going to be eating for several hours. This time, I just mixed the oats and yogurt together and left it for about 10 minutes and it worked perfectly. Good to know!

This bowl had:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • crushed almonds for a topping

Delicious and so quick!

We went to church in Philly (my first time since last Easter.. eek!) and afterwards went back to my sisters house to get our feast ready. While we were getting the main meal ready, we snacked on some pickles and some deviled eggs.

The pickles were delicious.. I’m not sure what kind they were but they were small and super crunchy. These deviled eggs were courtesy of my sister Wendy. She got the recipe from Cooking Light, and mixed the yolks with chopped tarragon and chives, smoked salmon, and light sour cream. Delicious!

Everyone had their own contribution to the meal. I was in charge of the salad:

This turned out great! I boiled dried apricots in water to get them plump for about 10 minutes (my boyfriend clued me in on that – I had no idea you could do that!) and they got juicy and bigger. I blanched some asparagus, and threw in the asparagus, chopped apricots, some goat cheese, and spring mix. I made a vinaigrette with the juice of a meyer lemon (orange meets lemon), a lime, some orange juice, honey, dijon mustard, salt pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.

My sister Wendy was in charge of the ham and the biscuits:

I didn’t have any of the ham, but reviews were good. The biscuits were delicious and so flaky. We ate them with honey drizzled all over. Yum!

My other sister Heather was in charge of two vegetable sides, so she made sauteed spinach with garlic and olive oil, and potato gratin.

The spinach was delicious, but the potato gratin was to die for. Cheesy and crispy! I hear there was 4 cups of half and half in that whole tray… that may have something to do with it. 😉

I took some salad, spinach, potatoes, and a biscuit for my plate:

And definitely helped myself to a second serving of the salad. Everything was delicious!

My mom was in charge of making a cake, but my sister Heather actually took over for the most part. It turned out SO great. Take a look!

This was a pound cake (made in a lamb shaped mold) with a meringue frosting and coconut on top. Food coloring was used to make the “grass” and jelly beans for some decorations. I had a little piece of the cake:

It was delish. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an occasion for cake, so this was definitely welcome.

I got on the road home from Philly shortly after the meal and hit a lot of traffic getting out of PA, but once I got through Delaware and into Maryland it was smooth sailing. It ended up taking about 3 1/2 hours, and it should take 2 1/2 or so (depending on how fast you drive!). I’m happy to be home but wish I had another day before having to go back to work. Not sure what tonight will bring but I’m getting hungry.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter if you celebrate and a great Sunday if you don’t!

Be back later!

Better Luck Next Time

So unfortunately, tonights excitements were a little disappointing on both fronts. Since it was the very first week of the farmer’s market, pickings were pretty slim. I was planning on picking up some great things for the salad I’m in charge of for Sunday brunch, but the goat cheese lady wasn’t there, and they didn’t have the greens I was looking for (anything really, but all they had was butter lettuce). I think the coming weeks will be a lot better, so I’ll do a full review then when there are more vendors. I am going away this weekend for Easter, so I didn’t want to stock up on too much day to day produce, but I’ll do a more thorough shopping trip next week when they’ll hopefully have more vendors. I’ll share a couple pics from today:

Apples and cider, the ONLY fruit vendor there.

The bread vendor. I did end up buying one loaf of multigrain bread, but that was my only purchase there!

Pretty flowers.

My one complaint about the farmers markets in DC are that they are SO expensive. A lot of people love farmer’s markets because its a way to get cheap local produce, but its not the case here. The single loaf of bread I bought was $6, and the prices for apples and other produce is definitely more expensive than in the grocery store. I know its good quality food and its great to support local farmers, but I am on a pretty tight budget so its hard to justify it.

After the quick trip to the farmer’s market, I met my boyfriend at Cafe Asia. While we had a nice time and enjoyed ourselves, the sushi itself was just not up to par. I started off with a large cold Sake:

The Sake was delicious and the appetizers were also really good, per usual. The best part is that the Sake is only $4 and the apps are only $3 at happy hour, and happy hour is 4:30-7:30 Monday through Saturday! I love places that have happy hour on the weekends. We started with some edamame:

And the Summer Rolls:

I love Summer Rolls and these ones don’t disappoint. They are so fresh, and just have the rice noodles, cilantro, shrimp, lettuce and carrots. The peanut sauce they come with is also delicious.

Then we moved onto the main event, the sushi.

We got several pieces of Nigiri sushi (sliced fish over rice), and a tuna roll (I meant to order Spicy Tuna but messed up.. doh!), a cucumber roll, and a yellowtail and scallion roll. The nigiri was tuna, salmon, mackerel, yellowtail, octopus, shrimp and eel. It wasn’t bad, it just was kind of thrown together a little messily and the rice was slightly off. The fish was a little thinner than usual and it just wasn’t great. I did like the eel and the octopus, but everything else was a little disappointing. For the first time in history, we didn’t even finish the sushi we ordered. That says something!

After the sushi was cleared, we ordered the crab wontons:

Which are to die for. Literally. That sauce they come with is like nothing else I’ve ever tasted before… I would bathe in it if I could, but it probably wouldn’t help me get cleaner. Those and the second sake I ordered made me feel better about the overall experience and forget about the sushi, a little.. 😉

Home now sitting out on the balcony enjoying the gorgeous weather. Have a good night!!

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