Better Luck Next Time

So unfortunately, tonights excitements were a little disappointing on both fronts. Since it was the very first week of the farmer’s market, pickings were pretty slim. I was planning on picking up some great things for the salad I’m in charge of for Sunday brunch, but the goat cheese lady wasn’t there, and they didn’t have the greens I was looking for (anything really, but all they had was butter lettuce). I think the coming weeks will be a lot better, so I’ll do a full review then when there are more vendors. I am going away this weekend for Easter, so I didn’t want to stock up on too much day to day produce, but I’ll do a more thorough shopping trip next week when they’ll hopefully have more vendors. I’ll share a couple pics from today:

Apples and cider, the ONLY fruit vendor there.

The bread vendor. I did end up buying one loaf of multigrain bread, but that was my only purchase there!

Pretty flowers.

My one complaint about the farmers markets in DC are that they are SO expensive. A lot of people love farmer’s markets because its a way to get cheap local produce, but its not the case here. The single loaf of bread I bought was $6, and the prices for apples and other produce is definitely more expensive than in the grocery store. I know its good quality food and its great to support local farmers, but I am on a pretty tight budget so its hard to justify it.

After the quick trip to the farmer’s market, I met my boyfriend at Cafe Asia. While we had a nice time and enjoyed ourselves, the sushi itself was just not up to par. I started off with a large cold Sake:

The Sake was delicious and the appetizers were also really good, per usual. The best part is that the Sake is only $4 and the apps are only $3 at happy hour, and happy hour is 4:30-7:30 Monday through Saturday! I love places that have happy hour on the weekends. We started with some edamame:

And the Summer Rolls:

I love Summer Rolls and these ones don’t disappoint. They are so fresh, and just have the rice noodles, cilantro, shrimp, lettuce and carrots. The peanut sauce they come with is also delicious.

Then we moved onto the main event, the sushi.

We got several pieces of Nigiri sushi (sliced fish over rice), and a tuna roll (I meant to order Spicy Tuna but messed up.. doh!), a cucumber roll, and a yellowtail and scallion roll. The nigiri was tuna, salmon, mackerel, yellowtail, octopus, shrimp and eel. It wasn’t bad, it just was kind of thrown together a little messily and the rice was slightly off. The fish was a little thinner than usual and it just wasn’t great. I did like the eel and the octopus, but everything else was a little disappointing. For the first time in history, we didn’t even finish the sushi we ordered. That says something!

After the sushi was cleared, we ordered the crab wontons:

Which are to die for. Literally. That sauce they come with is like nothing else I’ve ever tasted before… I would bathe in it if I could, but it probably wouldn’t help me get cleaner. Those and the second sake I ordered made me feel better about the overall experience and forget about the sushi, a little.. 😉

Home now sitting out on the balcony enjoying the gorgeous weather. Have a good night!!

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