Attune Foods: New Holiday Traditions

When I was growing up, every tradition we had for the holidays revolved around food.  Christmas Eve is fondue night, Christmas morning is Challah Bread French Toast with strawberries, and then some nice cut of meat for the afternoon. Going to church and Santa coming was a big part of the day for several years, but presents especially fell by the wayside as my sisters and I got older.

Once my sisters started having kids, it was so eye opening for me. I realized that kids weren’t happy just having the meals planned with nothing else going on during the day. They really changed the way I approached the holidays.

claire as santa

Click on over to my Attune Foods post for November to read about a new tradition we started this year, and how kids have impacted things over the last 5 years (have I really been an Aunt for that long!?!).

I’d love if you could share with me over there your own experiences with traditions revolving around food and anything you do for the holidays that DOESN’T revolve around food.

Be back soon!

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