Hiya! Sorry I disappeared yesterday, but the night got away from me and then when I finally came around to post my internet wasn’t working. I went to sleep hoping the problem would be fixed in the morning, and luckily, it’s working.

Before leaving work yesterday, I had a snack because I knew I was going to go on a bike ride as soon as I got home. My favorite flavor of Chobani – the honey kind, was waiting for me, along with a crushed Weetabix biscuit and a kiwi.

I’ve seen a lot of people eat their kiwis with the skin on, and to be honest, it kind of grosses me out, but yesterday I decided to give it a try mostly out of laziness. I didn’t really feel like peeling the kiwi because the knives at work are really hard to work with, so I just sliced it up. And you know, it wasn’t that bad. I still can’t imagine eating a kiwi apple-style with the skin on like a lot of people do, but when its sliced up you barely notice the skin. Apparently there’s a lot of extra nutrients in the skin, plus its super easy to eat it this way as opposed to peeling it.

This yogurt was delicious. The honey kind is definitely my favorite – I love how there’s a pool of honey at the bottom of the cup that sweetens the whole thing. The snack was perfect, too, because it filled me up but was easy on my stomach so I could get moving as soon as I got home.Ā I ended up doing 8.25 miles in 39 minutes. That’s a bit faster than I’ve been going, so I feel like I’m starting to get better and get into the swing of things. When I was on the trail the night before I was struggling a bit with the gears on hills, but I did some poking around online and figured out how to handle them better (ie put it into the gear you want to climb the hill in before you are going up the hill) and things went a lot smoother last night. My friend Amber and I found a point on the trail that’s half way between our apartments, about 4 miles from each, so we met there and then biked back to my place. I took a quick shower because they were supposedly turning our water off last night, but I don’t think they ever did.

We rushed downstairs to the Mexican place to catch the end of the 8pm happy hour. Luckily we made it because the liquor, beer, and margaritas are so cheap for happy hour, and all their apps are half priced. I knew it was going to be a splurge night going into it because there aren’t too many healthy options on the menu.Ā I started off with a rum and diet:

and had one more while we were there. They were only $2 for happy hour! All the appetizers on the menu were your typical Mexican fare, nachos, quesadillas, queso, etc etc, but I also noticed they had black bean soup, so I started off with a cup of that to get something substantial in my stomach.

The soup was actually delicious. It had tons of beans and tomatoes and onions it in and was super chunky. I love it when soup has a lot going on, and the flavor of this was just really good. Then, we ordered the nachos.

Not the healthiest of choices, but they were DELICIOUS. I haven’t had nachos in ages and these were so, so good. I’ve made healthier version of nachos at home which is pretty easy, but they just don’t compare with the melty, cheesy, heavenly ones you get at a Mexican restaurant. šŸ™‚

After our Mexican food fiesta, I ended up heading into DC to meet up with some other girlfriends and had one more drink – an orange vodka with seltzer and a slice of orange. What a difference adding fresh fruit garnish makes! The drink was delish, but after it my stomach started feeling really weird. I think it was the combination of vodka, rum, and nachos… Eek. I ended up coming home instead of going out and laying down.

I woke up today feeling a bit better but my stomach still feels a little off. I was craving something simple for breakfast, so I threw together a yogurt bowl. I used Chobani plain 2% which I haven’t tried before, and it tastes really similar to the 0% to me. I’ve heard it can keep you fuller for longer, so we’ll see how that goes. Into the Chobani, I mixed 1/2 a scoop of protein powder, and then added Crofter’s Asia, almond butter, and pumpkin flax plus granola from the bulk bins at Whole Foods for toppings.

Yum. This granola is really delicious and has pretty good nutritionals for granola. 1/2 a cup has 140 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 2 grams of fiber, and I used more like 1/4 a cup. It’s really crunchy and the pumpkin flavor is mild, but it added a really nice touch to my yogurt.

I’m now sipping some coffee out of Daisy

I’m not sure what today will bring, but that is making me SO happy. Today is my first day off in 13 days so just relaxing and having nothing on my schedule is exactly what I need.

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Nicole
    April 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm (11 years ago)

    Your yogurt bowl looks absolutely delicioso! & I have a hard time eating the kiwi skin either, but I’m also not a huge fan of the peeling process! Maybe I’ll give it a try, though. šŸ˜€ Happy Saturday!!

  2. hundredtenpounds
    April 24, 2010 at 10:07 pm (11 years ago)

    Mexican food is one of my favorites. Actually, anything with sour cream is wonderful…. šŸ˜‰

    I never thought about kiwi with yogurt. Good idea!


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